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The artistic talents of the students from the beautiful city of Volgodonsk, Russia are enthusiastically put to work to create their first ever art album featuring eleven themes. The themes include Outer Space, Military and Transportation, Scenic Nature, Birds and Animals, Russian Culture, Winter Sports, Folk Tales, Christmas Holidays, Russian Life, New Artists 2-3 Years Old, and featured Volgodonsk artists, sisters Yana and Zlata Dzhurich! In all there are 331 pieces of artwork and art projects. The students range in age from 2-3 years old up to 13 years old (Grade 7). The artwork is very endearing! The proceeds from this wonderful art album and the sale of the original artwork will go towards funding new playgrounds and support equipment for these kids in Volgodonsk, Russia at their school and local area doms. The Volgodonsk students and their teachers are proudly participating in this business venture that uses their artistic talents to benefit their community by raising money for new playgrounds. Playgrounds they could otherwise not afford. By working together, they hope to create a very fun play environment for future Volgodonsk children. The inspiration for this art album goes to Elena Dzhurich who worked closely with art teacher friends and her own kindergarten class to secure 80% of the artwork. The other 20% comes from her two artistic daughters Yana and Zlata who worked tirelessly for an entire year drawing and coloring every weekend to create the rest. Enjoy this special art album filled with a treasure of rare Russian Children's Artwork. Artwork that has never before been seen outside of Russia.

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Volgodonsk Russian Kids 2008 Winter Art Album - Outer Space Series C04 (Russian) PDF (Adobe DRM) download by Students Volgodnsk
Volgodonsk Russian Kids 2008 Winter Art Album - Outer Space Series C04 (Russian)
Students Volgodnsk & Elena Ivanovna Trekina & Arnold D Vinette
Time Capsule eBooks, Inc., April 2008
ISBN: 9781414903019
Format: PDF
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