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When we (his children- all five of us ) were little, we thought it was very strange to see a man in shorts and not have a wooden leg. We thought it looked gross that other fathers had two legs and there was some thought that, like a pollywog loosing his tail it might happen to us. That was ok of course- it didn’t seem to slow Dad down. I remember trying to emulate the gate of his walk- slightly asymmetric as it was- it still looked cool. He would use it to his advantage in business. When hiring or disciplining a new worker he would often punctuate the interview by wielding a pocket knife as he spoke and at the appropriate moment, bury it in his wooden leg to the horror of the employee. Followed of course by laughter to the point of tears.

As you read this book do not let it be lost on you the absolute joy the author, my father takes in living. Although this war haunted and in some ways defined him as it does all true soldiers, he always talked about it. He is the master of the oral narrative and that shines through in his writing. He also has a third degree black belt in Shoan Ryu and benches 400 or so pounds pretty regularly.

If the love and respect of his children and grand children means anything, my father is a wealthy man.

This book made for him what he made the Vietnam War for us his children- a story to be told with adventure drama, sorrow and laughter. His wish I’m sure is that it does you the same.
-Troy Gleeson

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Warriors and Widows PDF download by W. Tom Gleeson
Warriors and Widows
W. Tom Gleeson
W. Tom Gleeson, April 2012
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