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L.A. Wilson is an exciting and unconventional independent writer and published author, whose series of books called 'The Silurian' will challenge everything you have ever read before about King Arthur and his knights. L.A. writes inspired and authentic books, that in the sphere of the Arthurian genre, The Silurian, is truly unprecedented in originality, vision, and length.

Book One of The Silurian: The Fox and The Bear received an 'Honorary Mention' in the 2007 London Book Festival literary competition. And Book Two, The King of Battles, was a finalist under historical fiction in the Global eBook Awards. L.A. has been writing for almost twenty years, and has written nine books so far in The Silurian series, as well as three genre fiction novels, Son of the Sun, In Blood Covenant, and Jury’s Children, now self-published on Smashwords under the pen name, A.J. Niles. Though it is The Silurian that makes up the true extent of L.A.’s writing, now standing at over a million words over the entire series. The Silurian books have rave reviews on Smashwords, and still L.A. continues to write the series, with the tenth and final book now a work in progress: ‘Last Man to Avalon’ that will join the series, hopefully by November of this year, 2012.

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