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Stephen Jay Schwartz

Los Angeles Times bestselling author Stephen Jay Schwartz grew up in New Mexico and traveled the Unites States extensively before settling down in Los Angeles. There he became the director of development for Wolfgang Petersen,…
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Michaela Griessenberger

After she finished school in Austria, Salzburg, Monika moved to Johannesburg, South Africa, where she ended up flying around the world for an Airline as a Flight Attendant. South Africa provided a unique record of a key period…
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Sylvia Huffnagle

Sylvia has been writing for 30 years, 18 for publication. She has been married for 50 years and has two sons and one granddaughter. Her training includes taking the Writer’s Digest writing course 7/29/98, trial and error, and…
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Alan Edwin Detwiler

Alan Detwiler grew up on a farm. Accomplishing the tasks necessary for carrying on the operations of a farm often involve ingenuity in fixing out of order equipment. Many times it is necessary to fashion a make-do device to…
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Stan Kirby

Stan Kirby tied a beach towel around his neck and became Super Commander Beach Boy when he was six years old. When Stan’s not creating the awesome adventures of Captain Awesome, he loves reading comic books, eating okra, and…
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Robert Appleton

Robert Appleton is a native of Bolton, England. He is an award-winning writer of science fiction, steampunk and historical fiction.
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Victoria Dahl

Victoria Dahl lives with her family in a small town high in the mountains. During the summer she hikes and drinks margaritas (usually not at the same time). During the winter she likes to curl up with a book and a cup of hot…
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Christine Seifert

Christine Seifert is a professor at Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah, where she teaches classes in rhetoric and professional writing. She has a PhD in English, is from Fargo, North Dakota, and loves popcorn.
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Allan Topol

Allan Topol is the national bestselling author of six novels of international intrigue, including Spy Dance, recently translated into Chinese. He is a graduate of Carnegie Institute of Technology, who majored in chemistry,…
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Moneer Barazi

Moneer Barazi has been researching the topic of depression for more than five years. He had been acquainted with various treatment methods for this epidemic and been familiar with the most efficient of them. He has written…
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Dennis McDonald

Dennis McDonald was born in Australia. He has lived all of his life in Australia and has worked a lot in outback areas as well as the cities. He has met many people and has drank a lot of beer. You do hear a lot of humor in…
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Trish Dudek

Trish Dudek loves horses, books, and Native American history. This combination led her to write after she retired from teaching. She has published several children's stories. On their farm, in her husband's memory, Trish contin…
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G.R. Williamson

G.R. Williamson is a historian, a western writer. and a genuine storyteller. Currently he is at work on a non-fiction book about the outlaw Willis Newton – the last of the old-time Texas bank and train robbers. He lives in…
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Gina Lake

Gina Lake is a spiritual teacher who is devoted to helping others awaken and live in the moment. She is the author of numerous books, including Trusting Life, Radical Happiness, Loving in the Moment, What About Love, and Radian…
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Dan Webber

Dan Webber is one of the six Webber brothers, an Australian family of surfers, sculptors, filmmakers and designers, who have been making surfboards since the 1970s. Webber Surfboards are known throughout the surfing world,…
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After a lifetime of spiritual seeking, Nirmala met his teacher, Neelam, a devotee of H.W.L. Poonja (Papaji). She convinced Nirmala that seeking wasn’t necessary; and after experiencing a profound spiritual awakening in India,…
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Douglas M. Dubrish

Douglas M. Dubrish graduated from the U of NY Excelsior College cum laude with a BS in Liberal Arts and a major focus in Business. He completed a 25 year highly mobile career in the U.S. Federal Government, which included the…
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David V. Petersen

I am a writer and educator, with degrees in psychology and theater studies, and certificates in English teaching and Japanese proficiency.
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Alanna Coca

Always a voracious reader, Alanna began writing poetry in grade school, and short stories in high school. She started her first novel, Wyoming Solace, years ago with a legal pad and pencil, often written in the wee hours of…
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