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Mark Sisson

Mark Sisson is an American fitness author and blogger, and a former distance runner, triathlete and Ironman competitor. He has written several books, including The Primal Blueprint, which incorporates aspects of the popular…
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Becca Fitzpatrick

Becca Fitzpatrick's first book, Hush, Hush, debuted as a New York Times bestseller. She graduated college with a degree in health, which she promptly abandoned for storytelling. When not writing, she's most likely running,…
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Pippa Wilson

Pippa Wilson suffered from anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating. She recovered from these eating disorders through changing her thinking patterns and dealing with the issues from her childhood that were the source of the disorde…
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Debbianne DeRose

Oddly enough, the author was formerly formally trained in the Conservative Arts of engineering and economics before diving into the wide, wily, wonderful world of woo-woo wordsmithery. She considers herself to be a level-heade…
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Deborah Smith Ford

Deborah Smith Ford is an actress in film and television, a celebrity impersonator recognized as the Trinity look from the MATRIX films, creates online articles and is an author of a series of children's books under the title…
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Betina Krahn

Writer... author... mother of two (sons), and owner of two (dogs!)... Betina Krahn was born in Huntington, West VA to educators Dors Maynard and Regina Maynard. Betina learned to read at age four, entered her first art contest…
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Michael Duffy

Michael Duffy is Executive Editor of TIME and directs the coverage of presidents, politics and national affairs for both the magazine and Duffy joined TIME in 1985 as a Pentagon correspondent and in the 25 years…
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Robin Gaby Fisher

Robin Gaby Fisher is the author of New York Times bestseller After the Fire, the true story of two friends and their struggle to survive catastrophic injuries from the Seton Hall dormitory fire. She is a two-time finalist for…
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Douglas Kennedy

Douglas Kennedy was born in Manhattan in 1955, the son of a commodities broker and a production assistant at NBC. He was educated at The Collegiate School and graduated magna cum laude from Bowdoin College in 1976.
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Robert Draper

Robert Draper is a contributing writer to the New York Times Magazine and National Geographic and a correspondent to GQ. He is the author of several books, most recently the New York Times bestseller Dead Certain: The Presidenc…
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Neal Shusterman

Award-winning author Neal Shusterman grew up in Brooklyn, New York, where he began writing at an early age. After spending his junior and senior years of high school at the American School of Mexico City, Neal went on to UC…
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Nessa Carey

Nessa Carey has a virology PhD from the University of Edinburgh and is a former Senior Lecturer in Molecular Biology at Imperial College, London. She has worked in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry for ten years. She…
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Alice Hoffman

Alice Hoffman was born in New York City on March 16, 1952 and grew up on Long Island. After graduating from high school in 1969, she attended Adelphi University, from which she received a BA, and then received a Mirrellees…
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Rhonda Byrne

Creator and Executive Producer of the film The Secret, and Author of the books The Secret, The Power, and now The Magic.
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Bill O'Reilly

Twelve years now, and counting. That's how long The Factor, with Bill O'Reilly, has been the number one cable news show. It's a long, hard race, and an ever growing number of wannabe competitors has crowded onto the track…
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Andrew Klavan

Award winning author, screenwriter and media commentator Andrew Klavan is the author of such internationally bestselling novels as True Crime, filmed by Clint Eastwood, and Don’t Say A Word, filmed starring Michael Douglas.…
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Debbie Macomber

The #1 New York Times bestselling author is best known for her ability to create compelling characters and bring their stories to life in her books. Drawing on her own experiences and observations, Debbie writes heartwarming…
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Linda Lael Miller

Linda Lael was born in 1949 in Washington. Her father was a town marshal, although he, along with her uncle Jake "Jiggs" Lael also competed on the rodeo circuit.
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Heather Graham

New York Times and USA Today best selling author Heather Graham majored in theater arts at the University of South Florida. After a stint of several years in dinner theater, back-up vocals, and bartending, she stayed home…
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Warren Adler

Warren Adler is a world-renowned novelist, short story writer and playwright. His books have been translated into more than 25 languages and two of his novels, The War of the Roses and Random Hearts, have been made into enormou…
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