How to download and read ebooks on your iPad and iPhone

Adobe DRM eBooks can be read on your iPad or iPhone with Bluefire Reader.

Bluefire Reader Instructions

1. Open the App Store on your iPhone or iPad

2. Search for Bluefire Reader

3. Install and open the Bluefire Reader app.

4. Click the link to create a free Adobe ID on the first screen

5. Create an Adobe ID (you will be redirected to Bluefire's homescreen afterwards)

6. Open a new browser window on your iPhone or iPad (Safari or Chrome)

7. Go to (and login)

8. Click the DOWNLOAD button next to the book you wish to download

9. In the next screen click the 'Open with Bluefire' link
READY! (Your book will automatically appear in your Bluefire library)


Step 1 -> 6 are also described in THIS VIDEO

Happy reading!