Comics & Graphic Novels eBooks

Comics & Graphic Novels eBooks

A comic book is a magazine made up of comics, narrative artwork in the form of separate panels that represent individual scenes, often accompanied by dialog (usually in word balloons, emblematic of the comic book art form) as well as including brief descriptive prose.

A graphic novel is a narrative work in which the story is conveyed to the reader using sequential art in either an experimental design or in a traditional comics format. The term is employed in a broad manner, encompassing non-fiction works and thematically linked short stories as well as fictional stories across a number of genres. Graphic novels are typically bound in longer and more durable formats than regular comic books, using the same materials and methods as printed books, and they are generally sold in bookstores and specialty comic book shops rather than at newsstands.

The first comic book appeared in the United States in 1933, reprinting the earlier newspaper comic strips, which established many of the story-telling devices used in comics. The term "comic book" arose because the first comic books reprinted humor comic strips. Despite their name, however, comic books and graphic novels are not necessarily funny stories. Most modern comic books tell stories in a variety of genres.

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