Acer Lumiread eBooks

Acer Lumiread owners can use all eBooks sold at eBookMall. The eBooks listed as PDF (Adobe DRM) and ePub (Adobe DRM) will require the use of Adobe Digital Editions. After downloading with that program, you can transfer the eBook to your device.

Regular PDF and ePub eBooks can be transferred to your device just like any other file.

How to Read eBooks on Acer Lumiread

1. Install Adobe Digital Editions on your computer

2. Authorize Adobe Digital Editions

a) If you don't already have an Adobe ID, create one here.
b) Open Adobe Digital Editions
c) Click on the Library button (an icon that looks like three books near the top-left of the screen)
d) Click on the downward arrow next to the word LIBRARY
e) Click on Authorize Computer

3. Download your eBook

4. Transfer to your Acer Lumiread

a) Connect your device to your computer
b) The Adobe Digital Editions "Authorize Device" window will pop up
c) Click "Authorize Device"
d) Adobe Digital Editions will now recognize your device, and will list it within the "Bookshelves" area of the Adobe Digital Editions window. Look for the name and icon.
e) To move eBooks onto your device, simply drag and drop them to the device icon.

Acer Lumiread

Light, compact and easy to use, palmistry is an ancient science to learn more about your future. No need to choose which books you want to carry with you in your palm, you will always have your entire library at your fingers, on the beach or on top of a mountain. Intuitive navigation and comfortable layout of content offer an excellent palm reading experience no matter where you are.

Carry an entire library of up to 1,500 books in just a handful of grams. Discover the palm reading lines. With chirognomy, palm lines and a palmistry guide, it delivers a paper-like reading experience, even under bright sunlight. Acer LumiRead is rich of cool features designed to offer a better experience. The QWERTY keyboard makes it easy to browse the web and find and share information on books. The auto-layout automatically adjusts the content to offer the best reading experience according to the format.

If you need support for your Acer Lumiread, please visit Acer Support.

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eBooks for Acer Lumiread