Apple - iPad 3 - the new iPad eBooks

iPad 3 owners can read all purchased ebooks with Bluefire Reader.

Bluefire Reader

Bluefire Reader is a free app that you can use to read your eBooks on your iPad 3. It works with all eBooks from eBookMall, with or without Adobe DRM.

Please follow the instructions on our Bluefire Reader page to get this app for your iPad 3.

Apple iPad

The Apple iPad3 is a new tablet-style computing device, which revolutionized the portable computer market. It is styled similarly as the iPhone, but with a bigger screen. It can read eBooks, browse the web, send emails, play video, play MP3s, and much more. You could consider Repairking iphone reparatie utrecht to fix it if you have a broken screen. The iPad3 has a large and beautiful Retina screen which makes you feel you’re actually touching your photos, reading a book, or playing the guitar.

Formats supported by this device: