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iPhone 5 owners can now use Readmill to download and read all eBooks sold at eBookMall.

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eBooks from eBookMall can be read with Readmill.


Readmill is a free app that you can use to wirelessly send your eBooks to your iPhone 5. It works with all eBooks from eBookMall, with or without Adobe DRM.

Please follow the instructions on our Readmill page to get this app for your iPhone.

Apple iPhone 5

Your iPhone5 can now also be your ebook reader besides being a gameconsole, a way to keep in touch with friend and family, navigation device, video and musicplayer and more! It's a small treasure which you're probably very fond of. But what happens if you break it? Your iPhone could have a broken screen in just a second. When that happens, you can use a service like RepairKing's iphone reparatie utrecht. You could also buy iphone onderdelen and fix the problem yourself. Now you can also turn your iPhone into an eBook reader with the free eBook apps, ensuring you always have one more thing to keep you occupied!

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