Kindle Fire eBooks

eBooks from eBookMall can be read on the Kindle Fire, but only if you install an outside reading app. You can use both Bluefire Reader and Aldiko if you sideload them onto the Kindle Fire. Amazon isn't allowing any outside eBook reading apps into their Kindle App Store, so you can't install these apps the normal way.

Before you start, please take note of a couple important points:

- This is an advanced method of installing an app, so we only recommend it for advanced users.

- Bluefire is not providing any support for this process. Aldiko might provide support but we can't guarantee that. Overall, this is a use-at-your-own-discretion method.

How To Read On Your Kindle Fire

1. First, dowlnoad the eBook to your computer via Adobe Digital Editions. See our Adobe Digital Editions page for instructions.

2. Choose either Bluefire Reader or Aldiko to install on your Kindle Fire, then proceed with the instructions below.

Installing Bluefire Reader

1. Read Bluefire's instructions for sideloading Bluefire Reader onto the Kindle Fire.

2. If you feel technologically savvy enough to understand the process, follow the instructions to install Bluefire Reader on your Kindle Fire.

3. Once you have Bluefire Reader installed, try a free eBook to make sure everything works correctly.

Installing Aldiko Book Reader

1. Before installing an outside app onto the Kindle Fire, a setting must be changed. In the uppermost Kindle Fire menu, select the Gear (settings) icon.

2. From the next menu, select the More icon.

3. From the next menu, select Device. After that select "ON" for the "Allow Installation of Applications" setting.

4. Open the browser on your Kindle Fire and go to Aldiko's download page for the latest version of the app installation package. Download that file to the Kindle Fire.

5. When this file is finished downloading, a notifications button will appear in the top menu. Tap on that when it appears. Select the downloaded Aldiko package.

6. From the next page, select the Install button.

7. You should now have Aldiko installed on your Kindle Fire, and it will behave like it does on any Android device. Go over our Alidko instructions to learn how to transfer eBooks to the device.

8. Before you buy any eBooks, try a free eBook to make sure everything works correctly.

Amazon Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire is a 7" color tablet device from Amazon. You can use it to download movies, games, apps, music, and eBooks. Magazines, graphic novels, and childrens' books look great in full color. The Fire is lightweight, durable, and more affordable than other comparable tablets on the market.

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