Mac OS X eBooks

Mac OS X owners can use all eBooks sold at eBookMall. The eBooks listed as PDF (Adobe DRM) and ePub (Adobe DRM) will require the use of Adobe Digital Editions. Regular PDF and ePub eBooks can be read in any PDF or ePub viewer that you already use.

How to Read eBooks on Mac OS X

1. Install Adobe Digital Editions on your computer

2. Authorize Adobe Digital Editions

a) If you don't already have an Adobe ID, create one here.
b) Open Adobe Digital Editions
c) Click on the Library button (an icon that looks like three books near the top-left of the screen)
d) Click on the downward arrow next to the word LIBRARY
e) Click on Authorize Computer

3. Download your eBook

You don't have to own an eReader to enjoy eBooks! You can read eBooks right on your Mac. eBook reading software is free to download and easy to use.

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