30 P's of Successful Marketing PDF download by Brian Schwartz

30 P's of Successful Marketing

Brian Schwartz
Publication date: April 2012
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With the age of the internet and competition stronger than ever, you're going to need every tool available to help you succeed in a highly competitive environment.

It doesn't matter if you're a young individual starting out in the business world for the first time, a stay-at-home mom looking to create a new income stream or even a seasoned business professional who is searching for new ways to increase your sales. Whoever you are and whatever it is that you're attempting to do, you'll find the 30 P's of MARKETING to be a valuable part of your strategy in order to achieve the success you're working so hard to attain.

When you look at the hundreds of business models out there, certain trends can be detected and put into practice. Designed to help everyone from a small start-up business owner all the way through a multi-million dollar corporate CEO, 30 P's of MARKETING will be your guide to making your business grow.

In this eBook, you'll learn:
   » What your business "persona" needs in order to succeed (Persona)
   » Why an effective marketing campaign could hurt your business (Performance)
   » Which low-cost item can turn into one of the most successful ways to have people use your product or service (Packaging)
   » The importance of passion in your business (Passion)
   » Why your company should be as transparent as possible (Purity)
   » The importance of viral marketing (Pass It Along)
   » Why you don't need to go it alone in order to succeed (Partnership)
   » Paranoia can be a good thing for your company (Paranoia)

In addition to those topics, you'll find 22 more P's to take you and your company from humble beginnings all the way to corporate elite.

Best of all, 30 P's of MARKETING is written in an easy-to-understand and accessible style. You're not going to need an MBA in order to get the wealth of information that will be at your disposal.

There has never been a better time for an entrepreneur to appear on the scene and make their mark. Take a look around and you'll discover literally hundreds of companies that were started by people who had nothing more than a dream and the determination needed to make those dreams become reality.

Many of those people living the dream are people like you – ordinary people tired of just "getting by" and looking for ways to turn their lives around. They've taken that courageous step of gaining control of their own lives and destinies and starting their own businesses.

You want to do everything possible to make sure that your company grows quickly and responsibly, and by following the 30 P's of MARKETING, you'll discover a solid model that will assist you in your endeavors.

We're living in a business environment that has truly gone global, and while that poses many problems, it also offers limitless opportunities. There was a time when it was only the rich who had the resources necessary to ensure success in their businesses, but that time is past.

Anyone with determination and drive – and the RIGHT KNOWLEDGE – can turn their dreams into successful reality.

30 P's of MARKETING gives you the knowledge that you need in order to succeed.

Don't be one of those people who sits back and lets their dreams fade away because they lack the confidence and courage to pursue them. Rather than looking around with envy at others around you, why not take the first step towards becoming the success that you deserve to be by getting your own copy of 30 P's of MARKETING so that you can attain those things that you so richly deserve?

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