Penny Stocks Behind The Scenes: Beat The Promoters At Their Own Game & Profit ePub download by Daniel Regan

Penny Stocks Behind The Scenes: Beat The Promoters At Their Own Game & Profit

Daniel Regan
Publication date: November 2012
Digital Book format: ePub (DRM-Free)
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Have you ever wondered why every time you buy a penny stock it seems to go against you immediately and do you feel as though the market is out to get you personally?
Have you seen other people online that make thousands of dollars trading penny stocks but you just seem to lose?
Would you like to learn a penny stock trading strategy to make thousands of dollars in the penny stock market?

If You Answered Yes Please Read On...

Statistics tell us that 95% of people lose money when trying to time the stock market however in the penny stock market, 99% lose. This occurs because most people look at penny stocks like the lottery or similar to a casino. They throw a few hundred dollars into some penny stock at $.03 per share that claims they have a cure for cancer and gamble that the stock will rise to $100. What they do not realize is that the stock market is a zero sum game where one person wins and one person loses on every single trade. Remember the money has to come from some where...

The 1% of people that consistently make money trade promoted penny stocks for a living and know what the profitable trading patterns are and how advanced technical analysis works. These people take everyone else's money because they have learned the secrets to this market. Of the 1% of profitable traders, about .001% just get lucky and make thousands of dollars by buying stocks in the penny stock market. These people are similar to a person that goes to buy a scratch ticket that wins $50,000, and random payouts like these help to entice new suckers. People that invest in penny stocks almost always are losers because the market is rigged, and the longer you hold a penny stock, the more likely it is that you will lose everything.

Despite these facts, I have devised a method of making money trading penny stocks. My technical trading strategy uses advances technical analysis which the general public is not aware of. The method I use are proprietary and you will not find them anywhere else. Most people believe you can read a basic technical analysis book and then profit in penny stocks. 20 years ago this was true but today it is definitely no longer true. If you use basic technical indicators with standard settings, you may as well just give your money away. You must learn to develop a trading plan, and combined this with strict money management if you plan to be successful.

I have stumbled upon a method of profiting in the penny stocks. I have become part of this 1% group of profitable traders and I am willing to share my penny stock trading strategy with you if you are willing to take the time to learn it. You must be willing to think outside the box and understand that the penny stock market is not what you think it is. It does not matter what these crappy companies claim they do because they do not earn profits and have very little chance of ever earning a profit. The bottom line is if a company earns a profit then there stock will never trade for such low prices. Trading penny stock correctly means you must put your beliefs aside and realize penny stocks are just trading vehicles. They do not have any intrinsic value since they do not earn a profit and therefore cannot be valued or compared to the stocks of legitimate companies.

If earning profits in the penny stock market interests you, then you should read this eBook. It will be an eye opening experience and the best investment you ever make!

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