The Oligarch: A Thriller ePub download by G W Eccles

The Oligarch: A Thriller

G W Eccles
Publication date: August 2012
Digital Book format: ePub (DRM-Free)
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Following his controversial election for a third term amid widespread protests and allegations of vote rigging, the Russian President is determined to destroy the oligarchs before they destroy him. When the global economic meltdown decimates their wealth, the President seizes this chance to demolish their power base. His greatest opponent - Anton Blok, owner of the mighty Tyndersk Kombinat - has a secret agenda and faces far more than just financial ruin as his empire threatens to fall apart, and the President knows that his old enemy will stop at nothing to avoid catastrophe. With battlelines drawn, he turns to Alex Leksin, an ex MI6 investigator of Russian descent, to thwart Blok's plans. Against the challenge of hostile Arctic conditions, Leksin must tread a dangerous path through a labyrinth of corruption, terrorism and obfuscation until the exciting and unexpected denouement takes place in Russia’s northernmost seaport.

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A thriller that really thrills

Right from the first page the action of this book moves at lightening pace. The settings are fascinating - one moment you're in the sophisticated world of Moscow's New Rich, the next in a polluted Arctic wilderness, then down to Chechnya's neighbouring terrorist hotbed. The characters are well drawn - I really cared for them and rooted for them when they were in danger. And the plot is unpredictable - nothing is ever what it seems, and the protagonist's motivations are never what you think. I read the book in one sitting, finally getting to bed some time after dawn. One of the best thrillers I've ever read.
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