A Matter of Destiny: How to Find and Marry your Soulmate: A Beginner's Spiritual Guide PDF download by Joanne B. Parrotta

A Matter of Destiny: How to Find and Marry your Soulmate: A Beginner's Spiritual Guide

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Publication date: April 2012
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A Matter of Destiny is for all those who have experienced disappointment in love and wondered if they will ever find happiness in relationships. It is written for the single men and women who are beginning to realize that there must be something more to love relationships than what they have been experiencing.

Joanne B. Parrotta will reveal how you can make the dream of finding the love of your life a reality. You will learn about the different kinds of soulmate relationships. Through real stories of everyday people, she will show you how, when, and where you can meet your ideal and wonderful soulmate. You will also discover how to resolve dating and love relationship problems you are experiencing, how to avoid unhealthy relationships, and much more.

This book is not just for people who are looking for spiritual love. It is also for those who have already found it but need help keeping it, as well as for those who may have already met their beloved but do not realize it.

Just wishing for your destined love is not enough. Bringing a loving soulmate into your life demands that you get on the path to your own growth and that you develop your relationship skills. Ms. Parrotta believes that by working from the inside out, we attract a higher quality relationship. A Matter of Destiny focuses on accomplishing this goal.

For more information about this newly released title or to contact the author visit her website at http://www.amatterofdestiny.com. This book is available in paperback format for just $19.99US, and will soon be made available in hard cover and instantly downloadable e-book.



Chapter 1: True Love Never Dies
Your Journey Begins — You Have Been Here Before — Free Will Is Our Birthright — What Is Karma and How Does It Affect Us? — Three Types of Soulmates

Chapter 2: Avoiding Relationships That Bring You Down
Obsessive Love: The Wrong Kind of Love — When Your Partner Won’t Commit — Just Love Is Not Enough –– Loving Others without Losing Ourselves — Change Is Difficult — Confidence Is Beautiful

Chapter 3: Preparing to Meet Your Loving Soulmate
Doing the Inner Work — Spiritual Health — Look Good to Feel Good — Eat Well to Live Well — Cleanliness Is Next to Godliness

Chapter 4: Manifesting Your Soulmate
Making the Dream a Reality –– How Your Angels Can Help You Find Your Soulmate –– Your Destiny and Your Connection with Your Soulmate

Chapter 5: Meeting Your Wonderful Soulmate
How to Recognize Your Loving Soulmate — When and Where Can We Find Our Soulmates?

Chapter 6: Dating in Order to Find Your Soulmate
Dating with Confidence — Internet Dating –– Only Fools Rush In –– What to Look For — Characteristics to Avoid — Dating Do’s and Don’ts — Dating Safety Tips for Women –– Sexual Responsibility

Chapter 7: So You’ve Met Your Soulmate
What Do Men Really Want? — What Do Women Really Want?—To Have and to Hold –– Before You Say “I Do” — For Better or Worse — Don’t Be Afraid to Apologize — Preparing for the Wedding — Some Ways to Say “I Love You” — Unconditional Love: The Key to a Successful Union

Films with Soulmate Themes

Bibliography and Recommended Reading

In Praise of

“The author deals with this subject in a sensitive, friendly and easy-to-understand manner. Her passion for helping others to live their best lives is obvious in her writing.”
— Susan Fitzgerald, Ph. D.

“A simple and straightforward guide to finding your mate. A must-read for all young lovers!”
— Susan Harris, B.Ed.
Teacher – Channel – Writer – Speaker

“This is a great book for someone just beginning their spiritual journey. Easy to read and understand and covers a great range of topics. Very highly recommended.”
— John Punto

“This book has made a huge difference in my life. Just when I was about to settle for second best, I came across A Matter of Destiny. And approximately eight months after ending my relationship with the man I came close to marrying, I met my loving soulmate. This book has changed my life.”
— Joan A.

“Dear Joanne, Thanks for writing this book. I have learned so much about myself. I now have the confidence I need to step up my search for my true love. Thank you for giving me hope once again.”
— Laura Lee

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