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Armourer: Book One of the Burgundiians

Publication date: April 2012
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Book One of the Burgundii
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What is this story about?
Armourer Book One of the Burgundii is a novel based on the medieval lays of Hildebrandslied and Fall of the Nibelung. These fairy tales are a blend of real and fantastic characters, set in fifth century Europe in the midst of the struggle for power and land. The Armourer is Hildebrand. He is one of thousands of the Barbarians that flooded west of the Rhine in the wake of Attila’s lust for power and unquenchable thirst for blood.

Exiled in disgrace for twenty years from his homeland of Burgundii, Hildebrand forged his name under the service of Honorius, Emperor of Rome and the brothers Alaric and Ataulf, Kings of the Goth. But now he wants to come home. Home to a family he destroyed and to a son and daughter of whom he knows nothing.

Hildebrand dreams of being back in his homeland and he enlists the help of Balmung, King of the Nibelung, true owners of the stolen hoard. The treasure of red gold, taken brutally by Sigfried. The plan is elaborate but Hildebrand did not count on the love of a young girl and the ruling brothers of Burgundii getting in his way.

Who are the main characters?
Hildebrand, The Armourer: Worker of extraordinary metals and exiled warrior whose plan to return to his homeland and capture the Hoard of the Nibelung is never meant to run smoothly.

King Gunther of the Burgundii: The young King and oldest of the three brothers who rule the kingdom of Burgundii. A Christian convert, he hopes to win the support of his people and find a worthy wife.

Gisern and Gernholdt: Gunther’s brothers who command his armies and complete the trio of golden Barbarbian brotherhood at the seat of power in the Burgundiian lands.

Kreimhild: Their little sister and unknown daughter of the Armourer. She shares his dreams and sometimes she can see the future in them. Her dreams tell her she will be the source of their destruction.

Sigfried: The young Prince of Xanten in Holland who has stolen the hoard of the Nibelung. He seeks the hand of Kreimhild in his quest for honour and fame but instead finds love and redemption of sorts.

Attila: The legendary King of the Hun and the scourge of Gods and Romans. His Burgundii advisor Dietrich Von Bern may be his undoing.

Brunhild: Ice Queen of Isenstein. Gunther must pass the ultimate tests if he is to win this bride. Brunhild must discover the treachery of her capture if she is to find her peace.

What do these characters want?
Each of these characters are travellers and each are on their own personal journey. Whether they seek redemption or love or simply gold their individual journeys will weave together against the backdrop of a dying Roman Empire and a scramble for identity and ultimately a home for the Goths, Vandals, Alans, Saxons and Danes.

Why do they want it?
Amid all of this is the Hoard of the Nibelung, the fabled treasure of the wild, nomadic Nibelung dwarves. Sigfried is known to have stolen it brutally from them, killing the three brothers who ruled the dwarves in the process. The Nibelung seek revenge for this abomination and Hildebrand is their way to attain it.

Attila seeks the hoard to finance his wars, fuelled by his advisor, Dietrich, who has his own journey, not necessarily the same as his masters’. The Burgundii brothers have their own ideas for the Hoard and hope the alliance with Sigfried will give them a claim where before there was none.
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