AROUND-THE-WORLD SAILING GUIDE: How to sail around the world? ePub (Adobe DRM) download by Alan Phillips

AROUND-THE-WORLD SAILING GUIDE: How to sail around the world?

Publication date: October 2012
ISBN: 9781921936999
Digital Book format: ePub (Adobe DRM)

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A detailed 600 page planning itinerary for your voyage around the world. The best routes and the seasons clearly laid out for all to understand. So you want to sail around the world? Which way do you go? What is the "milk run"? How? When? Where to go? What are the sailing seasons? What route is best for me? The mental test, the boat, the weather, the crew, the equipment, the food, the philosophy, the lifestyle, the tricks, the anchorages, the harbors, the navigation, the dangers, the tools, the paperwork, money, communication, safety, poetry, responsibility, FAQ, seasickness, first aid, politics, clothes, expenses, watchkeeping, knots, anchors, cyclones, prayers, becalmed, hurricanes, latitudes, engine, toilet, lightening, information on everything that you possibly need to know. + EVERYTHING you need to know including detailed charts and 150 photos of the harbors. Information on customs and provisioning, winds, tides, storms, seasons, trade winds, formalities, food, navigation aids, docking, bathing, washing, safety, politics, dangers, interesting information, fishing, the costs, the kids & pets, pirates, whales, axe murderers, maintenance, repairs, water, etc...including the dinghy and other toys. The Atlantic crossing in the trade wind belt is from Canary Islands to the Caribbean in the northern winter. In the North Atlantic Ocean the trade winds blow from November to April between latitudes 3 degrees to 25 degrees. Then the hurricanes can occur in the northern summer between latitudes 5 degrees and 30 degrees. They are most dangerous from August to October. CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION The Milk Run is the easiest and warmest possible route to circumnavigate the world. If you are thinking about sailing around the world and if your object is to sail as easily and safely and warmly as possible with a minimum of hardship and a maximum of pleasure then you need to take the Milk Run Route. The Milk Run Route uses the trade winds to cross the major oceans and avoids tropical revolving storms.. CHAPTER 2 THE OVERVIEW CHAPTER 3. YEAR 1. ATLANTIC OCEAN AND CARIBBEAN SEA. CHAPTER 4. YEAR 2. NEW ZEALAND TO THAILAND CHAPTER 5. YEAR 3. THAILAND TO CANARY ISLANDS CHAPTER 6. ALTERNATE ROUTES CHAPTER 7. YOU AND THE CREW 1 the philosophy 2 mental preparation 3 the real problems 4 pirates and axe murders 5 whale attacks. 6 the crew 7 things you need to know 8 things you need to be able to do 9 the hardest bits 10 the easiest passages 11 the most enjoyable bits12 the least enjoyable bits 13 the most expensive places 14 the least expensive places 15 cultural things 16 singlehanding 17. the cruising couple 18. paranoia 19. the questions most asked 20. the personal quality most needed 21. responsibility CHAPTER 8. LIFESTYLE; THE TRICK the trick. 1 costs and financials. 2 communication and entertainment 3 kids and pets onboard 4 sickness & injury & safety 5 fishing 6 your clothes 7 water 8 food, cooking and eating 9. political effects 10 it is a changing world CHAPTER 9 THE BOAT 1 the boat 2. toys ( seductions ) 3. damage and maintenance 5. the toilet 6 sail repairs 7. the engine 8. the most important things 9. lists; spare parts, tools & books 10. filling the propane bottle 11. the dinghy 12 getting work done on the boat 13 wallaby creek 1993 CHAPTER 10 THE WEATHER the trade winds the equatorial trough (doldrums) variables westerlies seasonal winds and monsoons depressions daily sea breezes and land breezes katabatic winds hurricane seasons fog and ice ocean currents coral waters ocean waves average conditions CHAPTER 11. SAILING THE BOAT 1 passage planning 2 navigation 3 speed and tradewind sailing
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