Beauty and the Ape Man! A Novel of Erotica (erotic fiction) PDF (Adobe DRM) download by Kena Ziarre

Beauty and the Ape Man! A Novel of Erotica (erotic fiction)

Publication date: October 2007
ISBN: 9781602090866
Digital Book format: PDF (Adobe DRM)


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A Hairy Tale of Beauty & the Ape Man! And a crazy eel! One of the oddest erotic stories in recent memory.good thing it's comedy because the story is truly off the wall weird! A bizarre fantasy.kind of King Kong/Tarzan with a gorgeous hot girl who decides to take a walk on the wild side! Nineteen-year-old beauty Blair has an interest in primates - and she finds a man who can fulfill her wildest fantasies when she embarks on a journey with her father along a river winding through a jungle. Can she tame the wild, hairy ape man she finds in the jungle? And what about the eel? At one point, beautiful Blair is attacked by a giant eel in a sexual manner that can only be described as absurd and comical. The eel scene is so absurd and unreal that it is an instant classic! Not necessarily bestiality, but definitely more than slightly bizarre - makes for a novelty of a read. Definitely for the open-minded reader. Sexually explicit adventure novel with a heady dose of humor!. Excerpt: Blair looked in their faces once more and shuddered. They were so beautiful, heartbreakingly beautiful. She didn't want to go. Then, just as she turned to leave, one of them caught her eye. He was a bit shorter and smaller than the rest. But, in proportion, he was enormous. With thick, powerful shoulders and long, massive arms. It looked like he had two bowling balls under his shirt. His face was thick and fierce-looking with a protruding forehead and deeply-set dark eyes. His legs were like stubby tree trunks. And she could see by the way his shirt was rolled up to his forearm, that he was covered with a layer of thick, dark curly hair. That hair sent another set of shudders rushing along her spine and swirling in and out of her cunt crevice. What was it about that kind of primitive-looking man? The associations of him to the earth, to nature were very strong, but she wasn't quite sure where she had gotten them. Cave men didn't turn her on! She had no wish to be dragged along the rocky ground by her hair and be hauled off to a cave and beaten with a club into sexual submission. Still, the idea of a hairy, primitive-looking man, a man of the earth and soil, a man unafraid to get his hands dirty or his brow sweaty, a man of iron and grit, that kind of thing truly fascinated her. Fascinated her and turned her on to a boiling rage.
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