Challenging Modern Physics: Questioning Einstein's Relativity Theories PDF (Adobe DRM) download by Al Kelly

Challenging Modern Physics: Questioning Einstein's Relativity Theories

Brown Walker Press
Publication date: April 2006
ISBN: 9781581124385
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No theory can ever be proven; it can only be falsified. The well-known "all swans are white' proverb was falsified when the first flock of black swans was discovered in Australia. Each theory stands as the best available until someone devises a theory that better fits experimental evidence. Newton's Laws held for 300 years until Einstein came along with his 'special theory of relativity". Experiments carried out since the launch of Einstein's theory in 1905 show anomalies. This book sets out a different explanation of the behaviour of light, which dispels those particular anomalies. The book starts with a standard explanation of the special theory of relativity to acquaint the reader with the claims of that theory. Some problems with the theory are next described; these are euphemistically named 'paradoxes'. It is shown that Einstein was not the first to derive the famous equation E = mc2 that has become synonymous with his name. Next, experimental evidence that cannot be explained by Special Relativity (SR) is given. In the light of this evidence, the two basic postulates of the special theory on the behaviour of light are shown to be untenable. A new theory is then developed, which conforms to the experimental evidence. This theory is simple; it requires no exotic concepts such as the slowing of time with speed, which are required by the special theory. Novel experiments on the relative motion of magnets and conductors are described. These were undertaken because the movement of a conductor near the stationary pole of a magnet and the movement of that pole near a stationary conductor did not always give the same result. This result was claimed to be in contradiction to relativity theory, which requires that it is solely the relative motion of the magnet and conductor that matters. However, in the event, it was another basic law of physics that was overturned (Faraday's Law) - the experimental results were shown not to contradict relativity theory. The Big Bang theory of the beginning of the universe is questioned and an alternative proposed. The source of much of the mysterious missing 'dark matter', which has been sought for decades by astronomers, is located. An explanation of the peculiar shapes of some galaxies is proffered. It will be seen that everyday phenomena such as light and gravity are not yet properly understood. Perhaps this book will spur the reader to solve some of the unexplained mysteries of nature.
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