e-ligion: A Spiritech Virtual Foundation Primer PDF download by Jeremy S Gluck

e-ligion: A Spiritech Virtual Foundation Primer

Jeremy S Gluck
Publication date: April 2012
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Want to discover the amazing secrets of electronic religion? Discover the amazing and exciting world of emerging spirituality and technology linkage with e-ligion, edited by online pioneer Jeremy S Gluck. "I have just visited your wonderful site. It is breathtaking in it's scope and mission. Congratulations," says Jeff Hutner, Webmaster, evolutionaryventures.com, a playing field for visionary spiritual entrepreneurs and socially responsible investors. And Marc J Plotkin, leading cyberspace consultant and lawyer celebrates e-ligion's "outstanding pioneer efforts in building a conceptual framework on the spiritual aspects of technological development. You have bridged the gap between those in the spiritual community who are afraid of technology and those in technology development whose thinking is limited to finding the killer app. While I do not believe that technological advance alone raises one's spiritual consciousness, new technologies provide tools that can be used to further one's expanding awareness. Thank you for validating this concept." Crammed with fascinating and informative articles on all aspects of the spiritual revolution in cyberspace and in our hearts and minds, e-ligion's trailblazing content and style challenges you with its extraordinary vision and audacious practical techniques for meditation, relaxation and self-education. The future is here, enjoy it! e-ligion: Spirituality and Technology In The 21st Century is published by Spiritech Virtual Foundation, commanding online resource for leading edge thinking on where high technology is taking us. Including exclusive interviews with web gurus like Douglas Rushkoff, e-ligion comprises sensational material highlighting spiritual and cyberspiritual thought and features groundbreaking Consciousness Utilities for personal development and self-exploration. Spiritech is a unique research and teaching entity exploring the spiritual and metaphysical dimensions of emerging telecommunications and information technology. Our vision is to make accessible to the greatest number of people possible the significance and implications of 'deep technology', the spirituality-technological interface. According to Michael T Vecchio, 1995 winner of the Henry Ford Technology Prize, "The SPIRITECH commitment provides a broad means of achieving a knowledge of who and what we are as human beings. SPIRITECH knows that...as a human being you are a vital part of the family of Earth. SPIRITECH honors each visitor. Every visitor can come away, if they choose, with the perception that they are a vital link and resource to the family of Earth. For me, I come away refreshed and awakened to the possibilities of who and what we are as individuals and inhabitants of this lovely planet called earth." And Dr. Leon James, Prof. of Psychology, Univ. of Hawaii, says " I read your article on Emergent Artificial Consciousness and The Transparent Revolution: Spiritualizing Cyberspace...I found both to be coherent and original. I'll definitely want to include it on my reading list for the cyberpsychology I teach." About the Author: Director of Spiritech Virtual Foundation, JEREMY S GLUCK, is an expatriate Canadian now based in the UK. He is a meta-modernist and consummate symbolic analyst with a mastery of symbols, abstractions, and representations, represents a spectrum of professionalism that stretches from writing, music & the performing arts to the spiritual and creative foundations of bio-engineering and cyberspirituality. He has travelled throughout Canada, the US and Europe where he pursued a dynamic programme of research and studies.
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