Euthanasia: A Guide to All Sides PDF download by Joshua Peete

Euthanasia: A Guide to All Sides

Publication date: April 2012
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An essential book for everyone researching euthanasia. Topics include: Biological Death, Treatment and Medical Miracles, Everything About Euthanasia (Active and Passive), Euthanasia Around the World, Arguments For and Against, and the Future. The book is not biased and shows all sides of the philosophical issue.

Introduction Excerpt:

We are mortal and everything mortal will come to an end.

But what if that end is manipulated in a manner that either extends or terminates the actual time? The issues become very complex, because they are related to the very definition of our essence – life itself.

• What is life?
• How is it measured?
• Who has the right to take it away?
• Do we “own” ourselves?

These questions lie at the very heart of many critical issues battled out every day in the court systems. These questions involve taking or extending of life – capital punishment, abortion, and euthanasia. For every issue that is a “for and against” and the arguments on either side are heart rending and can never be proved one way or another. Religious values, medical definitions, and legal rulings will never be able to say with certainty what comprises life itself. There will always be that grain of uncertainty.

Medical science has advanced to the point where life can be extended past the point where mortals would normally die. Biotechnology can measure brain waves, announce life has ended, pull the proverbial plug … and the patient continues to breathe. Is this life when you cannot speak, or hear, or see, or think, or feel? Is it life when a biological organism simply exists without thought or the ability to function on its own? You may believe one way or the other, and defend your beliefs with a passion or intellectual dispassion, and still never be able to prove you that life exists or is nonexistent beyond doubt. Because of this, ethical issues surrounding the definition of life have continued unabated for thousands of years.

The following discussion will focus on the debate concerning euthanasia.

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