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Exposed Secrets, From Shadows into the Light

Rachel Lundgren
Publication date: April 2012
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Picture, if you will, awakening one morning to find most of the people in your life have suddenly become your adversaries. Imagine your co-workers, your friends, your neighbors, and countless professional associates, all banning together to inflict pain and suffering into your life. Your entire life flashes through your mind, as you try to determine a logical reason for this intelligent scheme of betrayal. You come to the chilling notion that this plan of deception has been around for the past forty years.

This sounds like a well-written episode of the Twilight Zone, where you find the narrator explaining to the viewer that they are about to embark into the surreal world of fantasy. Sounds quite bizarre, yet this book is about a very real world of deception, hate, discrimination, violence, and the cowardly crime of sexual harassment, which is kept very secret from the real world.

This world I write about is mine. I woke up one morning to find my life shattered by this insidious hate crime, which had forcefully invaded my peaceful family.

What you are about to read is a true story of a hate crime against my family that spans over forty years. From the bold shadows comes the incredible story of a crime that has no mercy.

The story is true. The characters are real. I made some minor changes in the appearance of some of the characters and changed their names to protect the guilty parties from total exposure. I did this so I could write about this hate crime in a loving manner, hoping the love of God would over power the hate.

The plot is undeniably factual because of the nature of the bizarre mind set behind the scenes. It will take every ounce of your mentality to comprehend the vicious nature behind this hate crime.

I was oblivious to any hate crime until I started to suspect many coincidences were actually not coincidences at all, but intentional foul play. I started to suspect something was wrong in the beginning of 1997. As I started to investigate my past, many unexplained events started to make sense and encase itself with present day facts. Piece by piece the enormous puzzle was coming into shape forming a picture of a hate crime that started over forty years ago and is still in a state of dilemma as of this writing.

The story is told as the facts unfold. The more I wrote the more facts surfaced. I wrote this story as each horrific episode was happening to my family. When I started writing, I had no idea who was behind this hate crime. An evil force in the gray shadows was tearing me down. There is a mysterious conductor who manipulates an orchestra of people popping in and out of my life, in order to cause pain and disruption.

Not until the end of my writing do I finally come to grips with who is behind this hate crime, the origin of the crime, and the motives.

After years of clever mind games, the ultimate paradox arises as the face of evil surfaces; the face with a thousand lines of betrayal. Just when I thought this hate crime would end, just when I thought that it reached inhuman proportions, it started to escalate when the origin of the crime was revealed, and the fuel was being added to the fire.

As I was editing the last part of my story, the most devastating act of hate erupted in our great city of New York. Two hijacked planes hit the World Trade Centers bringing both buildings to a crashing pile of debris. Thousands of lives also came crashing down with families in a state of destruction. The human suffering in our city is immeasurable. The whole world is in shock.

This devastating act of hate has brought our city to a halt. Many firefighters, police officers, port authority police, and civilians are dead. The toll could hit 4000. This amount of people dead is incompre- hensible, but the pain doesn’t stop there. There are 4000 families in despair. Then there are countless children who would have lost a parent. Thousands upon thousands of lives are destroyed. This act was done by the vicious thought of hate against a peaceful nation. This is the same premise of my story, death and destruction to a peaceful family.

I was compelled to add another chapter, because the people behind the hate crime against my family have the same mentality as the terrorist who attacked the United States.

The people who attacked our country think they are righteous martyrs, when in actuality they are hardened criminals with no regard for innocent peoples lives. This is the same for the people involved in this hate crime against my family.

The editing of my story was taking longer than I anticipated. The Boston Globe exposed a bomb with their story of the unfolding of the biggest scandal in the history of the Catholic Church, with the revelations of clergy sexual abuse. The secrets that have been hidden for years are finally exposed creating a scenario of great betrayal. This betrayal has many ironic twists that intertwine with my own story giving examples of the consequences that come from keeping criminal activities hidden in the closet. As you read my story you will see the similarities between both the terrorist crime and the clergy crimes.

There are many lessons in my story that can help the people of our country come to terms with the current unrest in our society. Valuable lessons are available to help ease the human suffering for so many Americans who are faced with many different emotional issues that erupt from the turmoil in our world.

I always felt my story would help others with their own plight of discrimination, harassment, and hate, but now there is another aspect of my story that will bring much peace and resolution to many individuals who are confused about the horrific events of the terrorist acts and the inhuman betrayal of the Catholic Church to its most precious commodity, their children.

The whole premise of my story can be summed up in this one poem by William Blake. He said, “Man was made for joy and woe and when this we rightly know through the world we safely go. Joy and woe are woven fine a clothing for the soul divine.”

We are all prone to some kind of suffering in life, but how we deal with this suffering is up to each individual.

There will always be natural disasters, starvation, terrorist acts of violence in the world, but how we decide to cope with the situation is up to us.

Many people starving in Haiti have such a love for God that their joy is much more significant than the woe. They have so much trust in God’s love. The compassion of missionaries helps ease their suffering. These missionaries bring the love of God through their hands with food, blankets, clothing and hope. Crisis often brings out the best in people, compelling us to work small miracles to help others.

We all have a choice in every situation. The choice is to either help others in the wake of tragic circumstances, or to lie down and die from stress and depression. The choice is always up to us.

I will show you the way to joy, regardless of the circumstances in your life.

I will show you how to find true peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, even in the wake of disaster.

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