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Fighter Pilot Manual

Navy Blue Press
Publication date: April 2012
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The "Fighter Pilot Manual" will give you tips, tricks and the knowledge you need to put you in the prized Fighter Seat. Being a Fighter Pilot is one of the most elite positions in Unites States Military. Look forward to an amazing military career with the "Fighter Pilot Manual."


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The rules of becoming a Fighter Pilot haven’t changed, nor will they ever. They will always expect Fighter Pilots to measure up to a specific, exact standard. A few young men and women become Fighter Pilots in the United States Navy every year. This manual will show you how to get a Fighter Seat. What’s involved, the challenges, the hardships, the thrills, and the things you can do beforehand to get ahead. I’ll share a little secret with you in a moment but first allow me to explain something.

Becoming a Fighter Pilot is an extremely competitive process. I don’t know the exact numbers but the odds are dramatically stacked against you if you don’t know how to prepare. There are many steps involved to earn a fighter seat, some obvious, some not so obvious, but every step is critical. One wrong misstep can spell disaster for a “want-to-be” Fighter Pilot. A tiny insignificant mistake can inadvertently set a new course toward prop planes. Not that props are bad, I know many outstanding men and women who joined the Navy expressly to fly props, but if your goal is a Fighter Seat, then you need all the cards stacked on your side. This book will do that.

Now here’s a little secret that I learned as a Fighter Pilot. There are two types of Fighter Pilots, really smart people and really dedicated, hard-working people. It would be great if we all had genius I.Q.’s, like the really smart guys, but that’s not going to happen. The great equalizer is hard work and dedication. Anyone can become a Fighter Pilot if they learn in advance what will be expected of them, and then dedicate themselves to hard work and preparation. There are a lot of Fighter Pilots with genius I.Q.’s, but there are other regular guys (like me), who found out what would be expected of them then dedicated themselves to the task, and learned all they could before they got to Flight School.

Fighter Pilots are by far the highest trained, just about the highest paid (when you add Flight pay), and some of the most highly respected members of the armed services. Their career paths lead them to some of the most exciting positions in the military, NASA, government, and Corporate America. But even though that all sounds great, there is still a better reason to become a Fighter Pilot – the flying. I can’t begin to explain how thrilling it is to strap on a supersonic jet, select afterburner, and blast through the sky. It is the greatest thrill you will ever have in your life. And they’ll pay you to do it, every day!

I encourage you to get the Fighter Pilot Manual. Read it cover to cover then work hard, study hard, and Fly Hard.

Check six,

Grant Pitzer

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