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Born in Newark New Jersey Bob D Caterino has been wowing us with his comedy for years whether you know him or not. At the age of thirteen he started his writing career and by the time he was fourteen he had two full length recordings under his belt. He was a regular on the Uncle Floyd Show a local New Jersey for two years. He wrote for radio and television as well as a number of short stories and some on screen work.

Last year he started writing the book “Growing Up Goomba”. Goomba, for those of you that don’t know means as follows. Someone that has your back no matter what. A true friend that will do anything for you, a good Fellow.

His book is a how to, want to be guide to mobster living. Bob D tells his tale of growing up. He does this in parts, chapter’s interrupted by many wise guys, not teaching you but telling you how to be a good fellow like they are. You will laugh most times while you go down memory lane. On his own the author sent out one hundred copies of the book. It was a pre screening and with rave reviews. It is overwhelmingly funny but at times sad which only makes the funny parts funnier. When you read this book you will find yourself falling off the chair. People will start to look at you as if you were crazy.

Whether intentional or not this book teaches us also. It shows us there are still prejudices still out there that need to be addressed. He also forces us to take a good look at ourselves. If laughter and tears are the best medicine then “Growing Up Goomba is just what the doctor ordered.

Expect to read a cross between Al Capone and Abbott and Costello. Please keep in mind that there are adult subjects involved in this book and not to be read by minors under the age of eighteen. Enjoy.

Reader Reviews:

Rating: 5 Stars
I started reading this e-book to have a few laughs. The Bob D Caterino chapters in the book are funny. His familly was nuts. But then every other chapter was written by a Goomba, wiseguy, goodfellow. The jokes got more intense. I was laughing out loudand people thought I was crazy in the head. It delt with biggots, bad people and loads of subjects you would expect and some you wouldnt. A joke a second is in this book. It is a how to guide. How to be a goodfellow. Then the suprise ending knocked me on my rump. The guy even put a glossary of words we may not understand at the bottom of this book. If you don't get the book, It's your loss. Im telling everyone I know about this find of mine. It is that good.
Frankie C.

Rating: 5 Stars
The only reason I bought this book was to find out what a "Goomba" was. It turns out that a Goomba is a friend, a close friend of a mob related or Italian related person. "Hey Goomba" it is a term of friendship like to say "Hey, how you doin" The book is funny, great and just full of over the top mafia humor. It is not just for laughs. This book teaches the reader how to walk tall and live the big life. It is full of new humor and a few triditional laughs as well. If you haven't read anything by this author then you are missing out on a new outlook on life. The book is finished and you are ready to close it but as it turns out there is a hidden chapter to read. The suprize ending is as funny as it gets.
Dunkin Lewis

Rating: 5 Stars
The only thing better than reading the book is knowing the author. It was my privlege to work alongside of this funny and fun man. A rare person who knows his heart and follows it. Only regret is that I did not get to say goodbye. No he is not dead just moved. Robert if you are out there tell your wife and son that Mark from New Jersey says hello. Call me I'm in the book or look me up on
Mark Perry

Rating: 5 Stars
I never know what to expect when I buy a book but I knew this one was about Italians and by the word Goomba, I knew it was about the mob. It was a delightful story as told by wiseguys themselves. This book gets four stars and make the Soprano's look like childs play. It is a how to be a mob guy or gal without even trying type book and I recommend it to everyone that is into mob things.
Rocco Mazzeo
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