Her Husband's Boss - An Erotic Novel (erotica) PDF (Adobe DRM) download by Cassidy Lake

Her Husband's Boss - An Erotic Novel (erotica)

Publication date: November 2008
ISBN: 9781602090767
Digital Book format: PDF (Adobe DRM)
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A demanding, wealthy man and a beautiful, naïve young wife...and the beginning of a sexual affair... Seduced by a powerful older man, her husband's ruthless boss...Katrina finds herself caught between loyalty to her cheating husband and pleasurable, undeniable desire... Katrina gaped up at him in wonderment, her lust-fogged mind unable to comprehend the total meaning of what she was hearing. Before, her feelings had been an odd mixture of relief and disappointment when her husband's boss had suddenly decided to deprive her of his thrill-provoking caresses, but now she was becoming uncertain and wrenched by misgiving. A job such as the one he had mentioned was something she had dreamed of, a sort of passport to a land of interesting people and adventurous parties, a land that might make even Alan respect her as a real person. God, it would be so easy, she thought yearningly; so easy just to forget and let go, to spread her legs wide and do what Alan's boss wanted her to do. The way she felt right now, with tide after tide of mind-reeling desire rising ever higher in her, dizzying and confusing her until she could barely think, it might be a kind of relief to succumb to him to satisfy this weird blazing inferno inside her youthful limbs. Yes, she wanted to have this middle-aged, imposing man standing over her; she wanted him almost more than she had ever wanted anything in her life; but even in the tempting stress of the moment, she knew that she could not do anything that harsh and basically unfair to her husband. No, she loved him too much to ever let some fleeting affair jeopardize their life together. What could she have been thinking of when she allowed her youthful body to respond so passionately to Max's lewd suggestions, she wondered as she straightened her still-trembling form up determinedly on the couch. She pulled down her dress to cover the white lacy panties that were exposed to Max's view. "Don't think your brainy husband's position in the company is all that secure, either," the executive grumbled brutishly as he watched his delectable prey struggling with her conscience. "Possibly, you would've saved him his job ... something any real wife should be happy to do." He shrugged with feigned indifference, his voice fading as he turned away from her expression of fearful attention. She stared at him in meek subservience, still unable to speak or show that she understood what he was saying. It was as though she had fallen into the grip of some kind of waking nightmare and, finally, she smiled hopefully, wishing that her tormentor would relent and admit that the whole thing was merely a joke. But the stony glare on his face convinced her that no reprieve was in store. Oh God, would Alan ever understand, ever trust her again if he somehow found out about this, this silly attempt to prove herself as a woman? No, she decided, he would never be able to forgive her for this idiotic mistake, not after last night's argument. At this point, Katrina could not even bring herself to object when Max sat down beside her again and began with insulting calmness to unzip the side of her dress. What was even more humiliating, she knew that she really wanted him to - that she wanted to be naked and have her lust-crazed body kissed and caressed until the unwanted fires in her blood were mercifully quenched... Themes may be offensive to some resders. Warning Explicit Content: Adults Only.
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