Hot Desert Lust! - A Erotic Novel (erotica) PDF (Adobe DRM) download by Kendra Kirk

Hot Desert Lust! - A Erotic Novel (erotica)

Publication date: November 2007
ISBN: 9781602090873
Digital Book format: PDF (Adobe DRM)
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The hot sands of the Arab desert seem to fuel the heated passions and sexual desires of the men and women who meet and make love there! Will a young bride find a dark, handsome Sheik to rescue her and fulfill her wildest sexual desires? Or - will it all become a nightmare like a distant mirage across the burning sands of the heated Arab desert? After only three years of marriage, it seemed the honeymoon was undeniably over... Reluctant but willing a beautiful young wife, seeking sexual satisfaction, feels sexually neglected by her husband, Grant. Will she find the erotic fulfillment she needs and wants so desperately? Will her marriage survive? When her husband catches her in the act, will he ever forgive her? When their sexual conflicts reach the boiling point, the young husband and wife try to out do each other by getting even! In Middle Eastern countries sex is looked upon differently than in most parts of the world: After moving to an Arab country for her husband's new job, blonde and blue-eyed beauty Claire finds it hard to adjust and even harder to fit in and in a foreign country. Claire felt like a fish out of water, then she met him...Lyle... Is Claire leading Lyle on? If so - will handsome, rugged Lyle take no for an answer? Will her flirtations lead to something far more explosive? And Adrienne - the closest thing she has to a best friend in this foreign land - knows the truth. Will Adrienne tell Grant about Claire's involvement with Lyle? A hot, naughty and sexually explosive novel, with a unique setting and smoldering sex scenes. Excerpt: An azure-eyed blonde, Claire had a generously proportioned young body that caused most men to stop in their tracks and forget what they were doing just to get another look at her. Then one noticed her blonde hair cascading down past her shoulder blades, wind-blown and thick and straight, tousling back from her high forehead with wild splendor. There was something about the way she carried herself, gracefully, but with an almost uncontainable bursting energy, that made a man's cock jerk at the sight of her. Her eyes were sky blue and she had flawless skin, a lovely luminous white, soft and blushing into a faint pink on the undersides of her high cheekbones. Her looks made it terribly hard on her living in an Arab country. Whereas most of the women were dark and sultry, here was Claire Wells - like a ray of sunshine in the dark, and she was noticed by more than one man in the cities. In fact, she had even been followed by the Arab men, and she, could not seem to get rid of them. The way they avidly undressed her with their dark, smoldering eyes sent Claire into flurries of exasperation. And though she had told Grant of this unwanted attention, he seemed to pay it no mind. If he ever took it seriously at all. To him, a woman enjoyed being appreciated - and she did, but not like the Arabs appreciated her. She'd tried to call her husband's attention to their obscene overtures but, as usual, Grant had been in his own terribly private world. He seemed oblivious to everything, especially lately, ever since that wild night of oral sex. Why, he had not even touched her in weeks. It was as though he were feeling responsible for their obscene fucking and had decided to stay away from her to prevent further occurrences. Or it may even be that he was angry at her for the way she had behaved and was now punishing her. Whatever the reason, it was taking its toll on both of them...
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