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How to Conquer Menopause

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Publication date: April 2012
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"Is Menopause Making You Crazy?"

It's A Shame For You To Suffer Through Menopause - When You Really Don't Have To"

More than 1,000 hours of painstaking research, collaboration, writing, and editing have gone into the publishing of the most reliable, informative and user-friendly book on menopause ever written… And YOU are about to benefit — Tremendously!

What you are about to discover will change your life forever...

WARNING! No pulling the punches here... no side-stepping the issues, I'm going to tell it like it is. I'm going to DEMOLISH MYTHS and TELL YOU THE TRUTH about menopause.

Imagine what it would be like if you could go through menopause with...

Limited Hot Flash Discomfort
-No Loss Of Sex Drive
-All Of Your Concerns and Questions Answered
-The Support of Your Family and Friends
-Answers To Questions Your Doctor Couldn't Answer
-A Plan For Conquering Menopause
-An Honest Presentation of Alternative Therapies

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could always be at your peak and still go through menopause?

Few women know and truly understand all the alternatives, solutions, treatments, and practical help that is out there.

You are just one of more than 55 million women who are now entering or are already in menopause.

If you've spent much time searching for information on the internet or in published books about menopause, you know there's a real lack of practical help for dealing with menopause.


From The Desk of Cathy Taylor

Dear Friend,

I have a message for every woman going through menopause. A message of hope, a message of support, and a message of encouragement.

You don't realize it, but in the next few minutes you're going to learn how to get back to being the person you used to be.

Trust me. I know how you feel, I used to feel that way too.

When I hit my mid 40s I began being haunted by annoying mood swings, debilitating panic attacks and an inability to focus, loss of short-term memory, uncomfortable gas and bloating and abnormal weight gain (all in my middle - UGH!).

Those around me thought I was nuts. Mostly because I often cried for no apparent reason at all.

Even I thought I was nuts!

But then, I began asking questions...

Why is this happening? What can I do to prevent this? How long will this continue? Is this really necessary for me to take? Can I get some relief? Will
this ever end?

Questions no one really had adequate answers for.

I was suffering like most women — going through menopause in a vacuum. I felt all alone without any solutions to the regular effects menopause was having on my daily life. My family couldn't relate and I was afraid to tell my best friend because she wasn't having the same problems I was.

I decided to go and see my doctor. I figured since this was a medical issue he would have the solutions to my problems.

Wow, what a learning education about women's health care that was.

I discovered that the hormone replacement therapy (HRT) doctors have been giving women for years, is now reported to be causing the things it was said to prevent: heart attacks, strokes and even cancer.

I was scared, discouraged, and unhappy with my lot in life... frustrated that this was happening to me at this time in my life.

Today, I'm a new woman... no more panic attacks, anxious moments, or feelings that I'm losing control of my life.

These days I'm eating healthier than I've ever eaten before, I'm experiencing greater joy and fulfillment than ever before, and other than the occasional bloating... I've conquered menopause.


Virtually all women going through menopause agree — getting the right information, the right facts, uncovering the truth about menopause at the right time is invaluable.

My discovery — the uncovering of the right information, the right tips, as well as alternative approaches to coping with menopause — was something I needed to share with every women I could.

My team of researchers combed more than 150 websites related to menopause. We looked at medical sites like WebMD and Mayo Clinic as well as medical journal sites and the far out "edgy" alternative medicine sites.

We reviewed, read, digested, and assimilated more than 25 books on the subject of menopause.

Here's what we discovered...

Most of the information in the books was out of date by the time the book was published and available on the shelves at your local book store. Since it can take from 12-24 months for a book to go from research to the shelves, many medical facts and research is already out of date.

We also discovered that while websites had the ability to be more up-to-date, most were not. We went back to numerous sites over a period of 6-9 months and found that nothing had changed even though new medical information, research and advice had been published.

One thing you can be sure of, when you invest in How To Conquer Menopause, you will have access to the latest information in medical research and alternative approaches to treating menopause symptoms.

And, since this is an e-book, you will automatically be entitled to receive each and every revision, at no additional cost to you. I'll send you a "revision notice" by email and you can just go and download the most recent version.

How to Conquer Menopause is not some stuffy medical book, or out-of-date book with old approaches and ineffective solutions. NO. This book is a step-by-step manual for you on how to cope with menopause.

Many of the answers in the book for your own personal menopause challenges, come from women just like you who have gone through the wringer called menopause and have come out on the other side — still smiling and with their lives intact.

Just look at what one M. D. has to say about the book:

"I found How To Conquer Menopause a valuable resource and a well written work that deals with the large number of symptoms facing women at this stage of life. The writing is accurate, understandable, and covers a multitude of issues ranging from hot flashes to weight loss. Overall a valuable resource for women at this stage of their lives."
~Dr. Joe Marion, M. D. Vancouver, Washington

As you read each word of this letter I hope you begin to get a sense that menopause CAN be survived. Better yet, I believe you can actually THRIVE during the menopause years despite the dozens of life-changing, and often devastating effects. And you will start to feel better and better about your chances of conquering menopause.

Here's What You'll Discover in How To Conquer Menopause...

The four stages of menopause and how to detect which one you are in.

The 35 common symptoms of menopause and how you can manage them.

One key factor that helps in managing every one of those 35 symptoms... and it's not medicine!

The role a support system plays in conquering menopause.

The one test that can determine if you are going through menopause.

The connection between menopause and other health related problems.

Time-tested survival tips from women who have been in the trenches.

The impact menopause has on the emotions and how you can cope with mood swings.

Are you beginning to see that you have a choice about how you look and how you feel and that nothing has to be left to chance. You may be one of those lucky ones that discovers a whole new world opening up for them as a result of being able to conquer those menopause symptoms.

Quit racing headlong into frustration and despair.

How to Conquer Menopause will tell you about herbs and other approaches so you can get a handle on your menopause symptoms.

You'll Also Discover...

The connection between severe anxiety, panic attacks and menopause and how to conquer them.

Seven suggestions for removing fatigue and low energy and being able to "sleep like a baby."

Discover how to "rev-up" that flagging libido and shift your lagging sex drive into "overdrive."

How to talk to your doctor about menopause.

Eleven key questions you may want to ask your doctor when dealing with menopause.

How to stay healthy during menopause.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There's so much more, I couldn't possibly list it all here.

You're intelligent enough to know that you're your best health care advocate. You need to learn everything you can about menopause, your options, what will help you and the difference you can make in your own life.

Yes, you do need to work with your own doctor. But studies have shown that the individuals who recover the fastest and most complete are those who get involved in their own health care.

They ask questions... demand explanations... educate themselves... and look at all the options that are available to them.

The testimonial below is proof that it can have an incredibly positive impact on your life...

Listen to a personal message from Lesley.

"I was very impressed with how easy it is to read and understand, How to Conquer Menopause. I've read several books on the subject and they've been tedious to read and difficult to understand. This book was different... it explained why I'm feeling the way I am and having the symptoms I'm having. Without the insights from this book I would continue, as would my family, to think I was crazy. I can honestly say that this ebook should be read by every woman who is getting ready to or is going through menopause. It is invaluable and you should order your copy today... you'll be glad you did. By the way... I learned to not be fearful of the many symptoms I was having now that I know why I was having them. I can now face menopause without fear." ~~ Lesley Carney - Irving, Texas


I know how valuable the information in How To Conquer Menopause can be for women like you and Lesley. However, I'm not just content to uncover information and not pass it on to you.

You see, I'm going to do something even more when you invest in How To Conquer Menopause. I'm going to give you five special breakthrough reports.

FREE Bonus Reports

I'm going to throw in these 5 special FREE bonus reports that you'll have at your finger tips. They provide IN-DEPTH information covering hot flashes, spouses survival guide, male menopause, alternative therapies, and your sex drive.

Just look at the highlights contained in these FREE bonus reports.

None of the effects of menopause is much fun, but symptoms like hot flashes and mood swings come on without warning and at times with such dizzying intensity, they can wreak havoc in our lives — at work, at home, or during social events.

Here's just a summary of what you'll find out in this revealing report...

FREE BONUS REPORT #1 — ($9.95 Value)

Discover How To Tame The Fire Monster Within: The 5 Keys to Controlling Those Annoying Hot Flashes

Five major steps to controlling hot flashes
The three major types of hot flashes and hot to respond to each of them.

Which of the three types you are most likely to have and how to control them.

The one danger sign you're "on the brink" and how that affects hot flashes.

What aromatherapy and a hot bath can do to help reduce hot flashes.

The one major stimulant that you should avoid in high levels if you want to control your hot flashes.

The one candy that may need to be reduced or eliminated completely from your diet to help you control your hot flashes.

-The connection between your diet and your hot flashes.
-The connection between stress and hot flashes.
-The one type of drink that can induce a hot flash.
-How to dress to beat the "hot flash blues."
-The temperature connection between hot flashes and your body.
-The connection between hot flashes and smoking.
-The treatment options for taming out of control hot flashes.
-The three major medical alternatives to HRT to reduce hot flashes.
-How HRT can be maximized to control hot flashes.
-The three natural non-medical alternatives used to control hot flashes.
-The 10 commonly used herbal remedies.


Are you getting the idea that sometimes treating menopausal symptoms is somewhat of a trial-and-error process? Well, unfortunately it is. The average doctor isn't well informed. And that can lead to you getting skimpy advice.

One of the great debates taking place is between traditional medical treatment — hormone replacement therapy (HRT) — and more natural treatments.

Just take a look at what's revealed inside this special report:

FREE BONUS REPORT #2 — ($7.95 Value)

Natural And Safer Alternatives To Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT): The Logical Solution To A Normal Condition

-The role your family history plays into deciding whether to have HRT or not.
-The real connection between HTR and horse urine.
-The "round-peg/square-hole" concept with HRT.
-The four major factors to consider BEFORE trying a natural alternative to HRT.
-What "bio-identicals" are and why they are important for your body.
-The 8 forms that natural hormones can be compounded into and used.
-The 8 key benefits that estrogen provides.
-The 8 key benefits that progesterone provides.
-The one pharmacy consultant who can connect you with a physician or pharmacy in your local area.
-The 5 key alternatives that are showing great promise in relieving menopause symptoms.
-The one alternative that has been hailed as the new "wonder drug" in recent years.
-The one process that destroys 93% of the beneficial isoflavones.
-The North American native herb that the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists have recommended for short-term use.
-The one seed that is good for relieving certain menopause symptoms, like hot flashes, irritability, and anxiety and is also good for heart health and lowering cholesterol.
-The one vitamin that has been found to relieve hot flashes, night sweats, and palpitations.

Listen to a personal message from Sharon.

"A few weeks ago I began reading How to Conquer Menopause and quickly realized how little I knew and that I just accepted as a woman maturing. This book was incredible in helping me understand and cope with my lack of sexual responsiveness during and after menopause. The value in this book is really priceless for me. I've truly discovered alternative therapies with herbs as well as a support group that can be helpful for me. I would encourage you to get this book now, implement the ideas it contains and get on with your life as the wonderful woman you were made to be." ~~ Sharon Alvarez - Villa Rica, Georgia

The change can be a grueling experience for a woman, but it can be just as trying — in a different way for the spouse. That is who this special report is for... those spouses who needs some information on being supportive and encouraging.

FREE BONUS REPORT # 3 — ($4.95 Value)

Weathering The Storm: A Spouse's Guide To Surviving Menopause Together

-What every spouse must do to be supportive.
-How to respond to outbursts of anger and frustration.
-The key role your ears play in being able to weather the menopause storm.
-What you need to do with her feelings during this time.
-The kind of acceptance she needs.
-What trap NOT to fall into with your spouse.
-How to approach the treatment options for your spouse.
-What you can do together to encourage her.
-What you MUST say and do for your spouse to get through this together.
-The connection between menopause and humor.

"If I'd only had this before I suffered two years of severe hot flashes and anxiety attacks. I'm going to implement some of your suggestions immediately. I bet I get the relief I've been looking for."
~~ Ginger W. Lenxa, Kansas

Male menopause? Is this for real? You're kidding right? Not exactly... men can go through a physical condition involving a change in hormone levels more accurately known as Andropause.

This report is to give men and women a better understanding of what is often called male menopause.

FREE BONUS REPORT #4 — ($7.95 Value)

Discover The Truth About Male Menopause: Separating Fact From Fiction

-What the "mid-life crisis" really is for men.
-An explanation of "Andropause" and the change in men's hormone levels.
-What the experts say about the role of testosterone in male menopause.
-The percentage of men who will experience some type of mid-life change
-The two types of Andropause and how they manifest themselves in a man's life.
-The 7 major symptoms of acute Andropause.
-The real answer for men about hormone replacement therapy.
-The #1 most distressing symptom of Andropause.
-The two practices that should be curtailed or eliminated totally for most men over 55.
-The psychological impact that male menopause can have on men.
-The 7 major steps to positively impact male menopause.

BONUS - Includes the Gary Halbert Health Report that sells for $97 titled, "How To Slow Down, Stop And Even Reverse The Aging Process And Regain And Increase All The Youthful Energy, Vitality and Sexual Passion You One Enjoyed!" Unfortunately, you age — and especially as you enter the perimenopausal years — changes in your body and emotions may have a significant impact on your sex life. About one third of all women older than 50 experience some loss in libido.

Below are the major highlights in this bonus report.

FREE BONUS REPORT #5 — ($9.95 Value)

Rekindle The Romance: Discover The Sex Life You've Always Fantasized About

-The connection male menopause has to do with the loss of libido in menopausal women.
-The biggest culprit in loss of sex drive for women going through menopause.
-The 4 major issues most women face as they deal with sexual fulfillment.
-Emotional changes experienced during menopause and the impact they have on the sex drive.
-The one thing to improve that will likely increase your chances of a fulfilling sex life.
-The sleep-fatigue-sex connection and the five solutions to solve it.
-Four tips for improving sexual intimacy.
-Alternative and natural approaches to stimulate a low sex drive.
-The impact that decreased blood flow to the pelvic area can have and how to treat it.
-5 ways to combat vaginal dryness (and not one of them has to do with oral sex!)
-The one major exercise you can do 5 minutes, 3 times a day and make a big difference in sexual enjoyment.
-How to put your "mind-at-ease" and enjoy total sexual fulfillment with great freedom.
-Is Your HEALTH Worth Half-A-Penny A Day?

How To Conquer Menopause has the ability to impact your life more than any other menopause resource available today.

Here's what I'd like to do for you...

You can take advantage of this debut pricing at $24.95 even though I've had marketing consultants tell me I should charge between $30-$50 for this information. And who knows, I may have to increase the price at a later date, but not today.

Look at it this way... if you go through menopause in three years, then your investment in How To Conquer Menopause will be less than a half a penny a day. An investment in yourself that is extremely affordable.

My Personal Guarantee To You

I promise you this... The information in How To Conquer Menopause and your FREE special reports will bring you a new level of understanding of menopause as well as give you ideas and tips for immediate and noticeable improvement in your health as you apply the suggestions to your own life.

Add It all Up...

$24.95 How To Conquer Menopause
$9.95 Bonus Report #1 — Discover How To Tame The Fire Monster Within: 5 Keys to Controlling Those Annoying Hot Flashes
$7.95 Bonus Report #2 — Natural and Safer Alternatives to Hormone Replacement Therapy: The Logical Solution to a Normal Condition
$4.95 Bonus Report #3 — Weathering The Storm: A Spouse's Guide to Surviving Menopause Together
$7.95 Bonus Report #4 — Discover The Truth About Male Menopause (includes The Gary Halbert Health Report)
$9.95 Bonus Report #5 — Rekindle The Romance: Discover the Sex Life You've Always Fantasized About
$40.70 Total
The Book & 5 Special Reports ONLY $24.95

There you have it... I want you to know that there are better, safer, and easier ways to improve and protect your health when you're going through the menopausal years than you've been told.

How can you make the right choices when you don't know all the facts... or when the facts aren't being given to you straight?

You don't have to hope for the best... or even worse, take a leap of faith.
I sincerely believe it is absolutely essential that you get How To Conquer Menopause and see for yourself.

Invest In Yourself

The price you pay for not getting this valuable resource will be weeks, months, and perhaps even years of constant struggling with the symptoms, frustrations, and debilitating effects of menopause. You need to understand, your $24.95 is an investment in yourself.

With How To Conquer Menopause you'll take a noticeable step forward in your overall health and well being.

I'm sure you want to get back to being the person you used to be. I know you want to get on with your life in a full, meaningful and productive way.

Quit suffering with "Menopause Madness."

Imagine your life without stress... worry... anxiety... isn't your wellness, peace of mind, and health worth it?

We'll do this together. And we'll start right now.


Cathy Taylor

P.S. Just imagine minutes from now what you will be learning from How To Conquer Menopause and the five FREE Bonus Reports!

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