How to Develop a Good Memory for Names, Faces, and Facts PDF (Adobe DRM) download by Robert Nut

How to Develop a Good Memory for Names, Faces, and Facts

Classic Mind Mastery
Publication date: June 2011
ISBN: 9781608421763
Digital Book format: PDF (Adobe DRM)


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"Your Poor Memory is Costing You Money..."

Has simple forgetfulness ever cost you a client, a great opportunity, or even respect?

It can be embarrassing to forget things. It can make you look stupid in front of your peers and it can make you look incompetent in front of employers.

It can also be frustrating to forget names, numbers, and dates...and deal with the aftermath, like having to explain yourself and apologize for the mix-ups you've caused.

But now there's a way for you to end your humiliation, earn respect, and gain the mental power you wish you had.

Memory is not something you're born's something that we learn when we're very young, using the skill to remember people, places, colors, facts, and figures. As we get older though, we tend to stop using our memory skills...and they disappear.

Now, you can get your memory back...and improve it! The process is both simple and easy.

"Turn Your Mind into a Powerful Mental Filing System..."

With a few simple techniques, you can learn how to sharpen your memory, increase your brain power, and gain more knowledge than you ever thought possible. You can start using these techniques immediately.

Turn your mind into a powerful mental filing system that will allow you to start remembering 100 times as much (or more) as you do right now.

With this book you'll discover:

- How to recall any fact, figure, or image with lightning-fast speed!
- The secret to remembering names and faces without having to think about it!
- 5 little words that will increase your memory by 33% - virtually overnight!
- How you can memorize everything you read - and keep it stored it in your mind for years!
- The 5 keys that will unlock your memory and allow you to memorize entire paragraphs, speeches, or proposals - word for word - with ease!
- How you can speak in public without any notes and even store entire shopping lists in your memory - without forgetting a thing!

If you're ready to develop an amazing memory that can store and remember every name, date, face, fact, or figure you need... get this book!

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