How to Make an Orgone Field Pulser PDF download by Jon Logan

How to Make an Orgone Field Pulser

Jonathan Logan
Publication date: April 2012
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Solid-State Quantum technology you can build in your garage!

This ebook tells you everything you need to know to build your own powerful Bioenergy Generator for healing or radionics with cutting-edge Orgone Matrix Material technology.

It is to be understood by the reader that in this book, “bioenergy” or “orgone” refers to an omnipresent background energy form which is generally found in higher concentration within living organisms. This energy is known by various names such as Orgone, Reiki energy, Bioenergy, Biomagnetic Energy, Odic force, Prana, Chi, Etheric energy, and Aether, to name a few. It is a biological animative energy which has magnetic, thermal, wave, fluidic and optical properties. It is a form of energy which is capable of influencing its environment in subtle but powerful ways. It causes changes ranging from subtle chemical or magnetic effects through to marked emotional or physical responses in living organisms under some conditions.

Seen high-end Radionics / Orgone / Scalar gear on the web? Build your own...

The device illustrated here is a versatile and powerful bioenergy tool which both generates and modulates bioenergy. When stimulated with an audio feed from an audio recording or the sound card of a PC, it demonstrates many of the capabilities of much more complex and expensive frequency therapy devices like “rife” machines. It also has applications in radionics, providing both an amplified output for radionics circuits, and a means of modulating the bioenergy discharged with radionic information. It can be used as a standalone device or in conjunction with existing radionics machines. The document gives basic information regarding what kinds of audio signals to use and makes software / reference info recommendations w/ links.

In simple terms, this device makes use of the fluid characteristics of bioenergy, and also makes use of the wave properties of bioenergy. It is an Aetheric vortex chamber, surrounded by an outer casing of Bioenergy- generating material. The result is that you have an intense stream of Bioenergy coming out of the device, and the stream of Bioenergy carries a wave pattern determined by the signal used to drive the coil inside the device.

The document teaches you how to make the bioenergy-generating material from readily available ingredients, as well as how to make and assemble the other internal parts.

Derived from 3+ years of research and development, this is a fully illustrated, step-by-step construction manual for the critically acclaimed ‘Orgone Field Pulser’ personal bioenergy tool available from Wizzers Workshop. Previously unreleased construction details including relevant Bioenergy theory, specific Ergonite™ recipes & processes, Electronics schematics and sources for several versions of a "Zapper" circuit to provide a signal for the coil as an alternative to using an audio feed, detailed hookup schematic for use in conjunction with a PC soundcard, simple radionic circuits for use with pulser, and tips on how to use it. Suitable for anyone with basic crafts skills. Book is PDF / 3.15 MB / 59 Pages / 79 Photos & Illustrations

The Pulser design has produced consistently good feedback for several years, and has gone through several stages of design evolution. In this booklet, I have adapted it slightly to be made from readily available materials. The design does not depend on precise geometry, pleasant appearance, or even that the materials used be exactly as depicted. As long as the same basic parts are put together in the same way, it will work.

High end Radionics machines and Orgone Devices sell for hundreds and thousands of dollars. Comprehensive information about how to make the bioenergy-generating material is jealously guarded by most manufacturers. The basic design of the Aetheric Vortex at the heart of this device can be readily adapted by the creative experimenter. The document contains tons of color photos and illustrations , supplemental information on alternate construction methods and links to sources for the required materials. The work involved is simple enough for anyone with basic crafts skills to perform.

What you will learn about Orgone / Bioenergy Dynamics alone from this book would make it worth the price. But if you build the device, you will have both a high-powered Bioenergy Generator for radionics applications and a powerful alternative to more costly Rife Machines. All at a substantial savings over what it would cost you have an expert build it for you.

For a little more information about the Orgone Field Pulser, you can visit

for a little more information about rife machines, you can visit

This is physics. Meta-Physics. When I sell these devices or demonstrate them, 80-90% of the observers are able to feel an energy field emanating from the device, including 'normal people' who do not consider themselves to be 'sensitive' to subtle energies.

That means you can too!

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