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Humble Snyder

Publication date: April 2012
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A bitter, childless woman and her husband visit their new retirement cabin. There, she encounters a mysterious boy at a lake. The boys parents are dead, the boy forced to spend his life on his harsh grandfather's poultry farm. Gradually overcoming resentful resistance, the bitter woman learns to care, and helps the intelligent boy to a promising future. A great 232 page eBook of Alaskan family fiction.



Dawn filled the hills with purple mist. Ellie looked away, stared at unpaved side-roads her husband drove past, and worried. Where is he taking me? It was hard to see out in the dim morning light, especially with all the bugs that had died on the windshield. Each gray turn-off from the main road headed in all likelihood to dark green prison walls of trees. Already she missed her friends in the city and the activities at the club.

"I have no idea where we are," Ellie said.

"Please. Relax," Edward said.

"I am relaxed. I've been relaxed for two hours."

"Rosita and Carla prepared food. It's in the picnic basket," he said. His features twisted into a tight smile.

Ellie said, "I'm certainly not going to serve you food."

"I'm not hungry. There's coffee in the thermos, though."

"And you expect me to get it?"

Edward stared in steady concentration straight ahead, and his stony look made her hands knot up. Rather than put up with such stubborn silence, she decided to go ahead, get the damn coffee, thinking goodness who does he think he is? Ellie turned in the seat, groaning. She would have to unfasten the seat belt. She lifted her body, felt around in the back. Feeling the basket, she peered over the seat and under the basket's cover. She made out wrapped sandwiches, yogurt, a bottle of expensive wine, cheese, crackers, fresh apples and bananas. No thermos.

"Oh for heaven's sake, where is it?"

She fussed around in there, stretched further over the seat, and spotted a cylindrical shape lying on the floor. She reached for the top and grabbed. She hadn't thought to have coffee herself, and considered riding in Edward's Pathfinder and pouring coffee at the same time beneath her background and social place. Imagine, me pouring coffee in a moving vehicle. As she tipped the thermos, Edward opened the top of the Pathfinder's center armrest. Inside were holes for the coffee cups. The road was not bumpy, so Ellie had little difficulty other than in her resistance to servile work pouring the coffee into the cups.

This is the kind of work Rosita or Carla should do, she was thinking. "There," Ellie said. "I hope you're satisfied." Edward certainly heard her beleaguered tone. She could tell from the diminished smile he made to the rolling road ahead without moving his mouth at all, a look she understood all too well. Out the window the morning time of half light slowly passed away as the Pathfinder climbed higher into the mountains. To her the scenery appeared particularly dreary, green bones of trees, an occasional field with clumps of wounded grass. She glanced over again at Edward and out his window. Above the horizon rose a blurred and electric orange sun that through the windshield struck the planes of Edward's angular chin. Edward as usual looked serious and dedicated, a long, narrow tan face, thinly seamed. Probably listening to me the same way he listens in court, those awful child abuse cases, juveniles, parents not paying child support, children running away. Awful children. I'm certainly glad the Good Lord never made me bear that burden, having children. Heavens.

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