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Chandan Das
Publication date: April 2012
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I, Thy Saviour..

The author assumes that there cannot be just one and only (or for a matter of fact, the many that already exist) understanding and interpretation of the life of the Man Who lived His adolescent years with an agonized mind filled with thoughts how He could fulfill the expectation of His people. He must have knowledge in order to complete His task. The young Boy leaves silently His loved ones and embarks on a long and uncertain journey to a far-away land to acquire the desired knowledge. He sacrifices all His youth in His quest, and after many years sails back to His people to spread the knowledge of peace and love. He must free them from their never ending sufferings. Hatred cuts His mission short and makes Him go through torture beyond human imagination. He is forced to flee to a distant land.

Did His mission remain incomplete?

The retelling of the world’s most read story is written here in a completely different perspective. With great effort the author tries to understand some of the myths (mythos) and with realistic reasoning reconstructs them to show how they could have the possibility of being actual facts or events (logos). Though there can never be an ‘interpretation’ of the boundless love and compassion of this Man.

Scores of scholarly writings and many speculative assumptions have already been penned, but this is the first time the retelling is in a simple flowing narration freed from rigidity. True, the author has used the autobiographical mode in his narration. It may be because, for him this is the only manner he could bring out the bursting emotions (poetry, not dull prose.) of the thoughts of a helpless young agonized Mind, and again many years later, of the wise Mind tormented with the realization that the time has arrived for Him to go through the inconceivable torture in order to deliver His own people. The author uses a pseudonym and there is no biography of him, - may be for some obvious reasons. How does that matter anyway?

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” John (1:1)

So let us celebrate the Word and usher in the free mind and spirit.
“- let the reader understand -” Mathew (24:15)

- an independent thinker
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