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Initiation Into the Grail Mysteries

Bishop Timothy A. Storlie
Publication date: April 2012
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Significant new spiritual impulses come into our world through the strivings and invocations of unique men and women who have achieved a close attunement with the invisible guides of humanity known in Hermetic terms as Spiritual Hierarchy.

The Temple of the Holy Grail is a new spiritual impulse given in the latter quarter of the twentieth century. It is a mystery school designed to empower spiritually mature women and men with Hierarchical attunement for esoteric world service.

This book, and the supplemental taped lectures available, are a revision and abridgment of the original three Teaching Cycles given to probationers for Wesak initiation into the Temple of the Holy Grail. Initially, these comprised twenty-two hours of sequential lectures tape recorded in San Jose, California, from September, 1990, through April, 1991, for the first group of T:.H:.G:. candidates, as well as hundreds of pages of privately published teachings.

From 1990 to 1998, over seven seasons of initiation, nearly one hundred spiritually mature, carefully selected candidates in Britain, Europe, North America, Central and South America, Australia, and Indonesia undertook probationary studies for Wesak initiation into the First Order of the Temple and its unique program of seven potent Self-Empowerments done on lunar and solar cycles. T:.H:.G:. computer-linked initiatic centers were established by Templar Initiate Bishops of the International Federation of Gnostic Bishops in London, Spain, Montreal, and in eight Eastern, Midwestern, and Western states of the United States.

Thus, Hierarchy has created an initiatic mystery school based not upon secrecy, but accessibility, and not upon hidden geographical centers, but a worldwide virtual platform. T:.H:.G:. is not dependent upon secret adepts, but upon self-empowerment. It is focused not merely upon the spiritual achievements of the past, but upon the coming generation of spiritually gifted individuals who are attuning themselves to Divine Will and Hierarchy. T:.H:.G:. exists to facilitate the empowerment of those spiritually talented individuals who have the potential to contribute wonderful new achievements of soul and spirit for the sake of the New Humanity. It is a tool to be used by such people.

Reader Review
Rating: 5 Stars
Excellent book! A thoughtful and practical guide to various esoteric spiritual traditions. Highly recommended!!
-- Dr. George Zgourides

Reader Review
Rating: 5 Stars
I found the Temple of the Holy Grail when I was researching topics of Templar spirituality, on a personal Quest for further Light in my spiritual life. Even that I was fascinated by the teachings, I found the spiritual practices even more meaningful and more profound. Through the practices, I gathered a sense of a balanced discipline which allowed me to reconnect with the forces of nature and the basic energies of the Planet on one side, and the higher spiritual forces on the other. Through the practices, I was able to make contact with the Egregor of the Temple, an intensely luminous spiritual force, clean, powerful, a real promise for the future of the Servers of Humanity which are being trained by the T:.H:.G:. In summary, the Temple is firmly rooted in the past through deep connections into the Initiatic and Apostolic chains of power of the Western tradition; but is looking into the future as an innovative, fresh and vital Esoteric School

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