Joshua's Spiritual Warfare PDF (Adobe DRM) download by Thomas B Clarke

Joshua's Spiritual Warfare

Bible Discernments
Publication date: March 2008
ISBN: 9780981621302
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Joshua, the man who led the invasion of the Promised Land, was given the spirits of wisdom and authority from the Lord. These spiritual forces, along with Joshua's teachable spirit, were necessary to overcome evil spirits that he witnessed. Joshua had to fight the battles of spiritual warfare just like the rest of us. This is a war between the powers of Good and evil, and this war is in very close proximity. Satan rules as the prince of this world, and our physical bodies must reside in this world. Satan had been successful in delaying the invasion of the Promised Land by forty years. He had implanted into the Israelites a spirit of complaining, and the Lord had to deal with this form of rebellion. As Joshua led the Israelites into the Promised Land, the devil again attacked with rebellion, lust and deception, to name just a few. But this time, Satan was not successful. The book Joshua's Spiritual Warfare will be a new teaching for many people. As Christians mature in their faith, they sometimes wonder "Is there more?" This book opens a new way of looking at the writings in the Bible by looking at the chiastic (ky'-as-tic) approach and then applying it in the area of spiritual warfare. While normally we read the Scriptures from top to bottom, the chiastic approach offers a more profound understanding of the Bible. A chiasm (ky'-az-um) is a writing style that organizes themes much like a sandwich: A) a piece of bread on top, B) mustard, C) a piece of meat, C') another piece of meat, B') more mustard, and finally A') another piece of bread on the bottom. Chiasms generally focus on the meat, but the bread and mustard are necessary for a complete sandwich. Some chiasms do not have a mustard layer, other chiasms have lettuce on both sides of the meat, and some have just one piece of meat. Effective spiritual warfare should be based on lifestyle rather than just intercession; it is the battle in our minds between the powers of Good and evil. The Lord is attempting to pull us to Him, and the devil is attempting to manipulate and deceive us so that we are pulled to him. The purpose of this book is to help free us and to keep us free from whatever spirits the devil attempts to send our way. This book invites the reader to understand the Lord's messages that are found in chiasms, interpret and re-interpret the events of the Book of Joshua, and then apply the chiasms to the spiritual warfare that we can all face. By looking at the Book of Joshua through the lens of chiasms, a whole new and more powerful understanding of the events in Joshua is revealed. Each of the sixty-seven chiasms in Joshua's Spiritual Warfare points to a principle that can help us win our daily battle in spiritual warfare. Joshua's Spiritual Warfare points the reader towards living a life like Joshua. Using the chiastic approach, we see how Joshua feared the Lord and at the same time loved the Lord, obeyed Him, walked in His ways, listened to His voice, held fast to the Lord and served Him. Joshua, as leader of Israel's invasion of the Promised Land, modeled effective spiritual warfare through his actions and lifestyle. In the end, we can ask ourselves "Am I ready to live a life like Joshua?"
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Joshua's Spiritual Warfare

I love studying chiasms in Scripture and this book was exactly what I wanted. Clarke explains what chiasms are; he describes how the book of Joshua is structured; and then reveals the outer, middle, inner, and randomly placed chiasms found in the book of Joshua. As he focuses on the central emphasis of each chiasm, Clarke gives a spiritual principle gleaned from each one that we should apply in the face of spiritual warfare. For those interested in the hidden emphases of literary structures of the Bible, this book is highly recommended. Those who don't understand that this is an important literary device will truly miss the points Scripture has to offer. When I have time, I want to go back through the book and see if I can draw any other conclusions of my own from the central axes presented.
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