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Line By Line

Randy Worthey
Publication date: April 2012
Digital Book format: PDF (DRM-Free)
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Here is just a small sample of what you’ll receive when you read Line By Line:

* Learn what standard engineered pool plans are.

* Learn what to look for in your yard before excavation begins so you don't have a big surprise when a utility line is hit by the excavator.

* Learn how to find out what your building permit will cost if you get it yourself, you may be able to save several hundred dollars.

* Learn what is meant by the term rebound and why it should never be used in a pool.

* Discover what the most important thing to remember, when reading a pool construction agreement.

* Learn how to keep from being taken by an unscrupulous salesperson.

* Find out which two phases of construction may cost you extra cash and how to avoid a costly mistake.

* Learn how to avoid many of the pitfalls associated with building a new pool.

* Discover ways to improve your pool buying experience and increase the value of your home at the same time.

* Learn what will and will not be covered under your pool warranty.

* Find out what different pool filtering options are available and how easy it can be for you to get the one you want regardless of what your salesperson is selling.

* Discover the benefits of a "Synchronized Pool", and how easy it is to get.

Line By Line is applicable to any given situation that involves a swimming pool contract ...

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So helpful

Installing a swimming pool can be a wonderful addition to your property, but a real headache to get done. This book by Randy Worthey is essential reading before signing any dotted lines with a swimming pool contractor. He goes into all the contract details that would ordinarily swamp you, and gives you the low-down on what you need to ask to make sure that you get what you want without any hassle.
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