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Man Eating Tigers of Central India

E. Remesh Reddy
Publication date: April 2012
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*** Everything is right in its own way***

# Man Eaters are justified in killing humans if it is the only way left for them to eat to live.
# When the lives and security of country and its people is under constant threat by a living being it is bound to be captured alive or eliminated if circumstances warranted-could be ' Osama Bin Laden' or 'other extremists', 'wildlife poachers', 'Forest Brigands'; 'Man-eating big cats' are no exception.
# Hunters and Soldiers are duty bound to eliminate enemies of people, so the Country, under assignment by the Peoples Government.
# People to understand that "Hunters" are entirely different from "Poachers" and to be grateful to them for undertaking such arduous and hazardous tasks.

Great book of real life Adventure [non-fiction] with historical events. The contents, pathetic stories of the victims for Man-eaters is dedicated to the lives of deceased innocent, unfortunate people [mostly women who are out into the deep jungles for picking up firewood, vegetables, broom grass, mohua flowers and seeds to be sold in the weekly market] of 'Maria' tribe of "Abujmarh" hill plateau of Bastar district, situated in Central India ruled by 'Tooth and Claw' by born "Man Eating Tigers" since ages. Successfully hunted by Author, the Native professional Hunter, hailed from the same District under "Life or Death" conditions, almost dead a dozen times. He is considered as one of the TWO big Game professional hunters in India.


Review of "Man Eating Tigers of Central India":
Year after year the list of endangered wildlife species around the world sadly grows longer. Trophy hunting is also endangered and today professional hunting guides are almost as endangered as some of their game. Rarer still are guides who specialize in tracking down man-eating animals. But one man who dealt with many man-eaters in his lifetime, also happens to be a qualified writer. He is Ajai"Jay" Kumar Reddy of India, who describes many of his hunts for marauding tigers in a fine new book, " Man Eating Tigers Of Central India "

Man-Eating Tigers is far more than just a recitation of killing beautiful but deadly great cats. Kumar describes the remote, roadless backcountry of India during the 1950s and 1960s. He brings the reader to isolated villages and smoky campfires, the sometimes eerily silent and sometimes noisy jungles where tigers, leopard and Pythons prey on deer and wild pigs and peafowl. When an aging or injured tiger can no longer capture natural prey, it turns to easier-to-catch villagers it finds gathering firewood or following ancient footpaths unarmed.

Some man-eaters even grew bold enough to drag villagers from their huts at night. Professional hunters such as Kumar Reddy (often with a rich American or European sportsman in tow) were called to eliminate the menace.

That was never easy. The man-eaters did not reach old age by being easy targets. Much planning, tracking, baiting, beating, sitting silently in tree blinds all night, were necessary to squeeze off a quick shot at stripes vanishing in the brush. And it was dangerous. In one chapter entitled"Rogue of Rajpur" Kumar-Reddy describes guiding an American doctor on a tracking ordeal that lasted weeks. During this time several tribesmen were attacked and killed before the man-eater itself met its end only feet from the guide and his hunter.

Summed up, exciting non-fiction books like this one are as rare today as the striped cats that manage to survive in a few scattered forests of Asia.

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