Matrix Reflections: Choosing between reality and illusion PDF download by Eddie Zacapa

Matrix Reflections: Choosing between reality and illusion

Eddie Zacapa
Publication date: April 2012
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Do we live in a dream world?

The Matrix Reflections acts as a tool, a mirror, a key that unlocks some answers to the very questions that we encounter throughout our lives.

It invites us to take a journey, like Neo, the hero of the films, to discover the truth about our world and its illusions. Come and explore the Matrix films deeper and discover the answers to the Big Questions of life.

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"Reflections is powerful. I was sucked in and taken back to the theater seat where the epic techno storyline, the deep themes and characters caught my generation off guard. Eddie channels the power in their story into a journey of transformation that reflects classic Christian spirituality."

-Keoke King, Metro Director, Campus Crusade for Christ

"This book will cause a person to examine their perspective and understanding of how the world works. It makes you think and challenges beliefs and traditions by clearly presenting the truth in a creative way. I would recommend this book to anyone who is seeking to understand how to make sense out of life."

-Dave Medders, Director, The Foundation For Christian Discipleship and Campus Ventures

"Movies have become the language of our day and Eddie has carefully translated the truths of Jesus in our common vernacular...this book is for anyone who has the heart to bring Jesus in their world, but lacks the translator to do so."

-Joe Schimmels, Lead Pastor, Blue Sky Church, Loveland, CO


This book is intended to motivate the reader to reflect on spirituality, faith and the deeper meaning of life. Its purpose is to help the reader discover truth. I hope that by reading this book many will embark on a journey to find truth in their lives—that liberates the reader to experience the world as it was intended to be experienced and leads discovery of his or her place in it.

Larry Wachowski, one of the directors of the Matrix Trilogy, said of the purpose behind the Matrix films, "We are interested in mythology, theology, and to a lesser extent, higher-level mathematics… All are ways human beings try to answer bigger questions, as well as the Big Question. If you’re going to do epic stories, you should concern yourself with those issues … We wanted to make people think, engage their minds a bit."

Wachowski said that mythology, theology, and higher-level mathematics are all "ways human beings try to answer the bigger questions." In this book the focus will be on Christian theology. I believe that Christian theology played a big part in the making of the Matrix films. Surely it was not the only ingredient in making the film, but I believe it was highly influential in the success of the film and is worthy of further examination.

The first film in the series, "The Matrix," grossed over $170 million in the United States alone and over $460 million worldwide.

There is no doubt that the films have generated a lot of philosophical and spiritual interest—as well as financial—from a postmodern culture that is clearly intrigued with the film. I believe that there are some major themes that many of us identify with. These themes include the QUESTION, the DECISION, the IDENTITY, the PURPOSE, the BATTLE, and the SAVIOR. I will explore these predominant themes in the films through a number of meditations. I am optimistic that by doing this we can come closer to finding the answers to the intrigue of the film and to the Big Questions...

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