Morning Sun: The Story of Madam Butterfly's Boy ePub (Adobe DRM) download by Laird Koenig

Morning Sun: The Story of Madam Butterfly's Boy

Prospecta Press
Publication date: September 2012
ISBN: 9781935212898
Digital Book format: ePub (Adobe DRM)

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It’s 1913. Meet young Sam Pinkerton, son of a US naval officer off at sea and your grammar school in Bremerton, Washington’s star first baseman. He is more American than Huck Finn.

Or so he believes.

On the same heartbreaking day his beloved mother dies, her secret, always kept from the boy and from the world, is exposed. Legal documents and secret family letters prove that Kate Pinkerton, wife of Lieutenant Benjamin Franklin Pinkerton, was actually Sam’s stepmother.

His birth mother is a Japanese woman in Nagasaki. How could this be? He’s Sam Pinkerton, totally American, isn’t he? The Navy and the grownup world show documents, even secret letters Kate shared with her family. After her wedding to Pinkerton at Annapolis she learned of his son from a tour of duty in Japan. She insisted they take the two-year old from his Japanese birth mother and back to the States. Over time Pinkerton deserted Kate as he had the Japanese Butterly and left her, too with a broken heart, until her death and the exposure of Sam’s nationality.

At age eleven Sam, along Kate’s own little Benji await Kate's parents to come West and take her boys home to Baltimore. They hug Benji to their hearts. But, with a father they hate, they curse Sam ordering “the little Jap” out of their sight. Suddenly alone, he is facing the scorn of 1913’s cruel racist America – an instant outcast alone in a country no longer his own.

Where does he belong in the world?With no memory of his mother, his heart tells him he must reach Japan andfind her. With no other way he’ll fake his intentions to serve a Christian missionary couple and gain passage to Nagasaki.Once there he faces total defeat. Butterfly, his mother, ended her life withhonor with a samurai blade. Now, neither Japanese or American he’s aloneand at the very bottom rung of the wildly exotic and dangerous port. He is a tall, brown-haired gaijin – an outcast Westerner – struggling to stay alive on the roughest, most dangerous streets. He turns to a wily and totally dishonest Japanese kid, together risking one scrape after another.
Enduring these brutal, rough years, this outcast, reaches manhood, whichmeans Japanese sex in varieties Westerners do not know. During one torridsexual adventure with a fancy whore who belongs to a corrupt, powerful industrial thug, he’s caught by this Kodo, who assesses naked Sam. He can use him. With his ruthless power he forces the American-looking boy to marry his club-footed daughter, who is damaged goods, by Japanese standards. Trapped, helpless to escape, Sam feels no love, but great respect, for his shy Mayumi, who is striving to be everything a good wife should be.Kodo includes his American-looking son with him among the powerful andand corrupt in capital city Tokyo. The admirable Mayumi gives him a wonderfulson to adore. During her next pregnancy Kodo prepares Sam to pass as anAmerican to sail to the US, where he is to make a lumber deal that would be illegal for a Japanese.After ten years Sam returns for the first time to find business contacts enthusiastic to deal with him. In this to him utterly free new world, he’s popular with the young Jazz Age Americans who make him one of their own. He falls desperately in love with Nicola, the daughter of the lawyer handling the shady deal. Over the moon but terrified, he cannot dare to trust his exciting slim and blonde American girl. One slip from her and his true identity would send him to prison.Once again, Sam is between two worlds – Nagasaki, where his fine, faithful Mayumi waits with his two children, or America with his deep love for Nicola. Will he desert

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