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The Newest in Rock and Roll Literature.
Must Of Got Lost is Rock Lit.

From The Author

If you are expecting a literary masterpiece, put this story down and step away from it. Like rock and roll music, it was written for the good people that can relate to it. This story has been told in part to recognize the musicians and the music that inspired me in life and made my teenage years better than they should have been.

MUST OF GOT LOST will take you through the excitement of living a rock and roll dream with the inexperienced teenaged garage band Rexx as they grow into a red-hot party band. You'll travel with Mick, the destitute, lonely, teenager through his rock and roll adventure that brims with vivacity. This journey will take you through the club and concert scenes of the late 70s and early 80s.

When Mick's parents divorce, he finds moral support from his best friends and garage band mates Michael and Jimbo. The music they created together replaced Mick's missing family unit. Mick took himself away with his rock and roll dream and lived it as long and far as he could.

MUST OF GOT LOST is the coming of age of Mick Geroux. This is Mick's story about growing up in western Massachusetts during the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Chapter One

“We become who we are in life through what we’ve endured”. I heard that saying once and it stuck with me. I love that saying. I don’t know who said it or where it came from but I think about it every day. It allows me to go through my life with no guilt or regrets and to be more patient with my own children. Who needs therapy?

I’ve become proud of who I am although not always proud about how I got here. That’s why I live my life with that saying in the back of my mind.

There are many variables that affect life. One thing that is important to remember is that we can’t change the past. My name is Mick Geroux. I spent the early years of my life avoiding responsibility and reality. This is the story of how I escaped the reality of a broken home using music, friends and other means during the late 1970s and early 1980s.

As a teenager, I had a rock and roll dream and all I wanted to do was live my life like Pete Townsend or Keith Moon, loud, rowdy, genius and great. As a teenager and young adult, I did just that. However, I left out the genius and great parts and replaced them with self destructive and selfish.

My life is thirty years beyond all that and now all I want to do is freefall into a Jimmy Buffet song and live my life in flip-flops and shorts with a warm ocean breeze in my face.

My life was more challenging than it was for my friends because I complicated my life more than them. When I think about the complications I created and the people that I hurt, I have to revert back to my favorite saying, “We become who we are in life through what we’ve endured”. That works for me.

Chapter Two

The spotlight skimmed across the heads in the crowd and landed on me. Somewhat blinded, I could still make out an ocean of arms waving with hands clapping above. Heads were bopping up and down to our beat. The beam of the spotlight changed from blue to white and that was my cue to jump from the top of the speaker cabinets and land on the center of the stage. I flew from the stack of speakers and when I landed, my legs folded causing my knees to hit the stage. I rolled sideways onto my bass guitar and landed near Michael’s feet. As Michael hit the final chords, Jimbo kicked his drum kit piece by piece off the drum riser while smashing his cymbals with his sticks.

I grabbed my bass guitar by its neck and swung it over my head like a helicopter's main rotor and slammed it into the stage floor as if I were chopping wood. After three chops, the guitar body came apart from the neck and was held together by only the thick strings. Holding the bass guitar over the edge of the stage, I taunted the fans in the first couple of rows and then tossed it somewhere around the third row. I staggered back to center stage and huddled with Jimbo and Michael.

The crowd cheered enthusiastically and we took a bow, waved and walked off of the stage. Jimbo picked up a cymbal and its stand and launched them into his drum riser and scattered drum kit. He followed Michael and I into the darkness of stage left as the crowd continued to cheer and stomp their feet.

Every night my rock and roll fantasy ended the same way. I changed the set lists, wardrobe and of course the chicks we met backstage after the show. This was my escape. This is where I got away every night when I needed something to steer me away from reality.

After visualizing the backstage excitement, I pulled my headset off and hung it on my bedpost. I reached over to the bookcase beside my bed and flipped the switch of my 8-track player to the off position. I was tired and needed some sleep. Instead of getting on my fantasy tour bus and traveling to another show in another city, I had school in the morning and my best buds Michael and Jimbo would be ringing the doorbell at 7:15. I rolled over and dozed off. My passion for rock and roll music started in October of 1973, on my thirteenth birthday. My older brother Jimmy gave me the album “Don’t Shoot Me, I Am Only the Piano Player” by Elton John. I played that album nonstop. That was the first album I could call my own. Up until that time, I listened to the stacks of 8 track cassettes that Jimmy abandoned when he moved out of the house.

A lot happened in my life in 1973...

Music and musicians who inspired this story:

The J. Geils Band – (Why isn’t this band in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?)
The Clash
The Who
The New York Dolls
Alice Cooper
Bachman Turner Overdrive
ZZ Top
The Stray Cats
The Beatles
The Rolling Stones
The Ramones
Southside Johnny and The Asbury Jukes

Please support these artists and all other artists mentioned in this book.

As you read this story, you’ll remember how great the music was. Download the musical references and enjoy the ride.

Attitude is everything.

About the Author:

Jerry Girard is a Rock and Roll enthusiast and writes reviews for a classic rock web site and a New England blues magazine. Girard also works as the Director of Special Projects at
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