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Now Comes Tomorrow

Terry Dawson
Publication date: April 2012
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In 'Now Comes Tomorrow' Jennifer finds herself facing new challenges from the international world of multi-million dollar property developments and from her relationship with Hans Müller, the chairman of the FKW group, a man old enough to be her father. In London the newly formed Aare Foundation, a Swiss-based Charity providing focussed and long-term support for a range of youth projects across Europe, imposes yet further demands on her.

Tumultuous changes take place in Jennifer's personal and professional life in the months after a Christmas holiday cruising in the Caribbean on Müller's luxury ocean-going yacht; changes that, as a shadow from her past suddenly intrudes, throw into sharp focus her relationship with friends and professional colleagues around the world.

Longer excerpt - from chapter seven

Bockenheimer Lanstrasse, Frankfurt - Sunday, January 18th

The lounge curtains were already drawn against the gathering dusk, the two luxurious settees separated by a low glass topped table and an exquisitely simple flower arrangement. Behind her Jennifer was vaguely aware of the silver and crystal of the two place settings on the mahogany table, of the subdued lighting and of the concerned Steiff bear sitting silently in his own armchair, the familiar tartan rug covering his feet.

On the small table at the end of the settee were the magazines he'd been reading: a copy of the Economist plus a copy of Boat International. Everything around her was quietly and infinitely reassuring; Georgiou and Caroline, she suddenly knew, had been right.

Hans was sitting silently opposite her, the tray of tea forgotten, waiting for her to say something. To Jennifer's surprise, as she looked at him, she felt totally calm and composed.

'Hans, I don't think there's any clever way to say this. It's my fault, I thought I knew exactly what I was doing and how to look after myself but I made a mistake. Last week's tests were very thorough and very conclusive. They showed I'm perfectly healthy but that I'm about five weeks pregnant.

'No, please, I don't want you to say anything. The only two things I've decided are that I'm going to keep the baby and there's no way I can go on as a director of any of the group's companies. I'd like to go on working for the company as long as I can and, after the baby's born, with David and the Foundation.

'I'm sorry but...'

As she paused he looked silently at her, acutely aware of the depth of his own feelings and of the tension she was somehow managing to control. Finally, and very quietly, he spoke.

'I think you ought to know there was something else that nearly happened on the yacht, on the day of your birthday. But, because of a host of reasons that seemed important at the time, I lost my nerve.

'When you met me at the airport on St Lucia everything was so crystal clear. But later, when I saw just how excited Sally was about her engagement to David I suddenly wasn't quite so sure. The following evening, when Sally and Caroline both began talking so happily and openly about starting a family, I realised I'd made a mistake, that it was impossible.

'It was the worst decision I've ever made.'

Jennifer watched in silence as Hans Müller got to his feet and crossed the room into his study. Moments later, as if determined not to intrude into her space, he again sat on the settee opposite her.

'Well before our last meeting in Frankfurt I'd decided on your birthday present. In fact, on two birthday presents. But in the end I gave you only one.

'This is the second, the one I so nearly gave you.'

Somehow she forced herself to look down, vaguely conscious of the name of the jewellers embossed on the tooled lid of the small box he was holding. Slowly, as he stretched out his hand, Jennifer took - and nearly dropped - the proffered box. Somehow her fingers found the clasp, fumbling interminably until the box finally snapped open and she found herself staring at a exquisitely cut diamond solitaire, the facets of the rare, pale blue stone catching the soft lights of the room, reflecting them in a profusion of impossible colours.

From somewhere far away she caught the softness of his words. 'Jennifer please, just sit there; don't say anything, let me finish.

'If I had asked you, and if you had said no, so much would have changed, so many things would have become impossible.' He paused, his blue eyes holding hers. 'On the days leading up to your birthday you were obviously so very happy. The chance of risking that happiness and, at the same time, jeopardising your career was simply too much for me. What made it even more impossible was the fact that you're only a little older than Sally, just a few years younger than Caroline.

'I know I confused you with the investment trust. But I simply wanted you to have the freedom to make your own decisions at any time; about anything and about everything.

'But now, if you...'

An eternity later a wide-eyed Jennifer, now dangerously close to tears, slowly stretched out her left hand. Suddenly, as his eyes held hers, his uncertainty was unmistakable.

'Jennifer, are your sure, are you really sure? Do you realise exactly what you're taking on if you let me slip this ring onto your finger?

'Are you sure, really sure?'

Slowly she nodded.

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