On the Horizon ePub (Adobe DRM) download by Andrew Bridger

On the Horizon

Chipmunkapublishing Ltd
Publication date: June 2011
ISBN: 9781849910224
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Description Coming soon About the Author As I sit here at my computer desk, with my trusty biro back in my right hand, I am perplexed as to how to write a biography of my mental health. I suppose now it is written in the past tense, and this has been the way that I have always wanted to view my mental health ever since I was diagnosed with mental health conditions. My actual mental health condition was recently diagnosed as schizophrenia. This was a great shame for me because I had always had a level of autonomy in distinguishing who I am and what I am composed of. As a young child I grew up fairly well informed of medical issues. This is because my father is an Ear, Nose and Throat Consultant. My father is steady and strong; everything I have ever wanted to be. As a boy my mother and father took great care of me and made sure that I was well. As I developed into an adult I was lucky; I achieved good grades - something that was very important to me - and had many ambitions. I had one problem: and that was my love for taking drugs. I did not predict that I would be a drug taker and had never meant to cause any harm to myself or others. Physically and mentally I believe that I am lucky. I was always one of the best players on the rugby pitch and achieved the necessary grades to go to University. When I was sectioned under the Mental Health Act the first time I was very depressed. I was definitely indulging in drugs too much and the introduction to mental health pained me. I had studied religion and wished well on others, so was really upset. I didn't want to be detained and needed self confidence. My palms were sweaty and my thoughts were confused and deranged. Looking back, I was extremely lucky to have such kind counselling and tolerance from a highly informed mental health team. I know now how the brain works and have encountered various types of counselling involving a range of intellectual techniques. I also know different psychological theories and how they play a part in the business world, the workplace and furthermore in society. I have always believed that "knowledge is power", as the saying goes, and can save lives. Despite this I know that I have come from a world where I have been offered support and have refused it. Although I am happy and achieving what I want: freedom, security, love; I will always remember that I am someone who has felt a lot of pain from being diagnosed with a mental health condition. After I was sectioned the first time in 2002 I took a dosage of medication that my father insisted I take. The Doctors, nurses, counsellors and specialists insisted that I listen to them and learn from them. I still refuse care now, but I have a great deal of respect for who they are and the part they play in society. The second time I was sectioned was in 2003 and it hurt just as much as the first time. My pride was taken from me and, again, I was given a range of medications as an experiment. I met a lot of lovely people and persevered as much as possible to continue an ordinary life. Ever since then I have been stigmatized. Stigma is not a word I like to use. It was only when I decided I would try to publish a book that the notion of stigmatism started to play on my mind. The book is called On the Horizon, and is a compendium of my life's experiences. It is intended to make the reader laugh, whatever creed or colour. I believe it can be used to fill in the gaps in one's own experience and improve motivation to achieve autonomy of choice and decision, removing past barriers and stresses. I have grown up as a younger brother and am fairly disciplined in my ways. I also have two younger sisters, so hope that the book is of no offence. Since being sectioned, the next time I went back to a mental health hospital was in 2007. I went as a voluntary patient, because I had things on my chest. I was surprised that the hospital was able to offer a range of services and facilities and made som
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On the Horizon ePub (Adobe DRM) download by Andrew Bridger
Chipmunkapublishing Ltd, June 2011
ISBN: 9781849910224
EAN:  2370003463613
ePub (Adobe DRM)
List Price: $8.99 eBook price: $7.99
On the Horizon ePub download by Andrew Bridger
Chipmunkapublishing Ltd, June 2011
ISBN: 9781849910224
EAN:  2370004387376
List Price: $8.99 eBook price: $7.99
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