Panic and Poetic Justice: A Workbook and Poetry Collection for Panic Sufferers and for Those Who Care About Them PDF download by L.P.C. Bill White

Panic and Poetic Justice: A Workbook and Poetry Collection for Panic Sufferers and for Those Who Care About Them

Hope and Healing Dynamics
Publication date: April 2012
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Hi There. Since you can't flip through the book, I wanted to provide as thorough a description as I could. Welcome, and I'm pleased you're taking a look. Bill

Let's start with some words from someone who knows what hopeless suffering truly is. "You have no idea how much your ebook Panic and Poetic Justice has meant to me...You write so well and are so knowledgeable about these diseases." Vivian Eisenecher, author of Recovering Me, Discovering Joy: Uplifting Wisdom for Everyday Greatness.

Panic and Poetic Justice is my very special gift to those whose lives have been turned upside down - destroyed - by panic attacks and all of the mental, emotional, physical, and social grief that comes with them. And this includes those who are a part of a panic sufferer's life. Trust me, I've been there, as panic ran roughshod through my life from childhood to well into adulthood. Through tons of hard work, guts, and determination, I recovered. And I want to pass on to you the lessons I learned on the way to freedom at the school of hard knocks. So as you buy the book you can look forward to buckets of education with regard to why you think, feel, and behave the way you do; along with proven strategies and techniques that will help you rise above your living hell. And being a workbook, I've posed questions and thought/feeling generating prompts throughout; all of which you can ponder and respond to right in the book as you're reading it on your computer. I also share some of the poetry I wrote on my recovery journey.

You name it - panic attacks, agoraphobia, derealization, depersonalization, social anxiety, avoidance, substance abuse, lost academic and employment opportunities, E.R.'s, benzos, ditched relationships, depression - been there, done that. What better source of help and relief than someone who's been shelled in the trenches. Oh, and by the way - my experiences and recovery led me to grad school and licensure as a professional counselor.

How 'bout a glance at some things you'll find in the book...

the goods (table of contents)…

and he’s writing because…12

what’s mine is yours…14
Identity and Hope

been there – done that…18
No - You Aren’t a Freak
Emails from Panic Sufferers
Setting the Table and Eating the Meal
       The Main Events
Your Table – Your Meal

could somebody tell me what’s going on here…47

Definitions and Perspective
       Panic Disorder
So Why Is This Happening to Me Anyway?
Causes of Panic Attacks - Not
I’m Gonna’ Beat This on My Own
Biological Contributions
Physiology and Anatomy of the Brain
Hormones, Neurotransmitters, and Biochemical Processes
The Amygdala and the Limbic System: Fear and Emotion “Head”quarters
Laboratory Induced Panic Attacks
Hyperventilation and Breathing
Suffocation Monitor and Alarm
       Cerebellar-Vestibular Dysfunction
Psychological Contributions
Misinterpretation and Overreaction
Inability to Manage Fear
Intense Internal Awareness
The “We Do It Intentionally” Paradox
Internal Conflict
Prenatal and Perinatal Experience
Separation Anxiety

a little help please…113
Just How in the Heck Do I Get Myself Out of This Mess?
Mental/Emotional Health Professionals
The Saga
       Ten Keystones of Recovery
       Down in the Trenches
       Alcohol Abuse
       A Change in Direction
       Cuckoo’s Nest?
Medication Therapy
Crankin’ It Up Again
Bye-Bye Meds
Walking Backwards
Wake-Up Call
Intro to the Intrapersonal
       Personal Peace
       Abdominal Breathing Technique
Relaxation Exercise
       Supplements: Herbs, Vitamins, Amino Acids, and Remedies
       Tobacco Abuse and Dependence
       Alcohol Abuse and Dependence
Marijuana, and Recreational, Prescription, and Over-the-Counter Drug Abuse and Dependence
Final Comments
Techniques of Life
       Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT)
       Other Clinical Interventions
              Insight-Oriented Therapy (IOT), a.k.a. Psychodynamic Therapy
       Interpersonal Therapy (IPT)
       Somatic Experiencing (SE)
       Bioenergetic Analysis (BA)
       Stress Management Counseling
The Intrapersonal
       Warped Thinking
       Just the Way It Is
What Could Really Happen?
       Who Gives a Hoot?
       Permission to Leave
       Yikes and the Wise One
       Panic Attack Mind-Play
       Interpreaction and Interpreversal
       “F.E.A.R.” False Evidence Appearing Real
Just More Disturbing Thoughts?
“S.A.I.L.” Stop-Assess-Interpret-Logic
Digging Deeper
Beginning Commitment
Negative Self-Image and Low Self-Esteem        Negative Self-Talk

“I.A.M. not F.E.A.R.”
       Going With Logic and the Odds

ahhh – that’s better…222
Managing Your Disorder
       “S.P.A.” Separate-Process-Action
       Be Patient
No Short-Cuts
Derealization and Depersonalization
Social Phobia (Social Anxiety Disorder)
Inner Child
Family, Significant Others, Friends, Relationships
Hangin’ With the Right Crowd
Positive Self-Talk
       Conscious and Unconscious Mind
       Sample Visualizations
Getting Into a Zone
       Preparation Exercise
Anticipatory Anxiety
Proving Yourself
Striving for Perfection
Sense of Humor
“S.I.A.” Symptom Identification and Association
Quiet Time
       True Freedom
       Opening Up

it’s a wrap…286
How Badly Do You Want It?
What I Want From Life
Yours Is Tomorrow
How to Find Help
Help-Seek Worksheet
Remembering and Helping Others
Stay in Touch

commitment and action…300
panic attack prevention plan…301
panic attack management plan…302
titles worth a peek…303

poems of frustration, sadness, and anger…305
poems of reflection…326
poems of inspiration…365
poems of love…390

On Identity and Hope...
"For those of you smack-dab in the middle of panic, I know you'll find so much in this book with which you'll so quickly and intimately identify. As you read, I dare say you'll repeatedly think and, perhaps, say to yourself, 'Dang - I've felt that way.' 'I've thought that.' 'I've done that.' 'That's happened to me.' 'I've said that.' And, believe me, there's real joy in knowing someone else has experienced the same pain, suffering, distressing feelings, and disturbing thoughts as you. It removes the mystery from what you're experiencing and helps you realize you're not some sort of hopeless, worthless 'psycho-freak.' Do you feel that way about yourself? It's okay - you can admit it. But as you do, always remember that when you come to know others have experienced your misery, hope begins to become a part of your life. And when you come to know others have conquered their misery, hope turns into 'So can I' thinking."

On the Relationship Between Biology and Psychology...
"Listen up. With regard to what we just discussed, we're going to be doing a lot of work to modify our thinking, feeling, and behavior; which, within the context of neurogenesis and neuroplasticity, can lead to biological change. And that will help us feel one heck of a lot better. Yes - we're going to learn how to offset the power of the burned panic images retained in the hippocampus. And we're going to learn how to make the amygdala behave. All of this is a part of the practiced intervention just mentioned. Man - this is all so very important to understand. Can't you sense the power as you begin to comprehend why you may panic like you do? And can't you feel freedom coming on as you realize you can biologically reverse this mass of misinterpretation and overreaction, even without the assistance of medication, should you choose?"

On Moving Forward...
"If you want, you can overcome every single bit of nastiness panic has brought to your life, and take your life to the level of your choosing. Of course, that statement implies that you can do absolutely nothing, electing to maintain your current standard of living or, indeed, substantially lower it. Right? I can't think of anything that would make me happier than to know I provided identity, hope, inspiration, motivation, direction, strategies, techniques, and a darn good shot at recovery for someone who thought their life was panic-over. As in finished, done, and ready for the dumpster. I know that's what I used to think. Please - you must just blindly believe you can win this war."

Well, then - if what I've provided doesn't motivate you to buy the book, I don't know what else I could possibly say. But, how 'bout this. If your life, and the lives of those with whom you interact, is being ripped apart by panic attacks, and all that comes with them, I can offer you (and them)a way out. Now, had someone said that to me twenty years ago, I'd have tackled them and taken in all they had to say. The choice is yours. Life in abundance is out there for the taking. You truly don't have to live in misery anymore. Indeed, you have options. Now get busy and grab yourself a portion of peace, will ya'? Thnaks so much for considering the book...

Bill White, L.P.C.

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