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Raw Meaty Bones: Promote Health

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Publication date: April 2012
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Raw Meaty Bones does for dogs, cats and ferrets what Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring did for the environment. In 14 fully referenced chapters you can discover masses of information not available in whole libraries of veterinary textbooks. It’s the book that addresses pet health, human health, economic and environmental problems of vital importance to us all.

If you are a pet owner this book will likely be one of the best investments that you have ever made. Big savings in vet bills and feed bills are likely to be measurable benefits. But how can you measure the benefits of pain-free happy pets? How can you measure your feelings? - knowing that you have done the best for the pets in your care. You can't. But you and your pets can experience those feelings - because Raw Meaty Bones: promote health.


I'm just finishing Tom Lonsdale's book and I must say that it is a wonderfully informative book. And information so well supported! As a bonus, the first part of the book, describing Tom and his colleagues' experiences in the beginning, attending conferences and such, is so well written that I had to remind myself that I wasn't reading a novel. As a side note, it alarmed me so much, that I'm now flossing my OWN teeth twice a day.(g)
This is truly, absolutely a must read for anyone considering raw feeding....especially if they are having doubts and are frightened by all the negative feedback from ignorant vets and giant pet food companies.
John Dunn
4115 W. State St. #5
Boise, ID 83703
April 2005

The Easy way to change your world
This book is a true eye-opener and paradigm shifter.
For years I fed my dogs the "expensive" dog food from the vet, but they still had horrible skin problems, disgusting breath and nasty teeth. I felt so guilty about not feeding my dogs the 'natural' way (blending, cooking, mixing, grating, chopping veggies and meats every week, yuk!), that I had all but resigned myself to overpaying for bags of grain and sugar (aka:kibble) for my dogs.

After doing research on canine diets throughout history I discovered a new book, Raw Meaty Bones by Dr Tom Lonsdale. ‘This is it!’, I thought. How could it get any easier? Buy a chicken at the store, throw it on the ground, let my dogs enjoy. They loved it, I loved it, and they haven't had to have their teeth cleaned in over two years. The vet keeps patting me on the back for brushing my dogs' teeth. Are you nuts? No way, I just feed them their natural carnivore diet of meat and bones.

And to the people who start screaming hysterically about not feeding dogs bones--who are you kidding? Honestly, what do you think companion animals have eaten since they were first domesticated? Huh? Whatever they were given, found, or killed themselves. Kibble is a modern invention, just like processed human foods, and both are high dollar industries with much to lose should we all wise up.

Do yourselves and your animals a favor--read Tom Lonsdale's book, and give your dog (and cat) a bone (a big, raw meaty one) today.
S Robertson
Atlanta, GA
December 2004

I got your book yesterday, last night I just wanted to ‘take a look’ to see if there was something interesting to learn. I ended up going to bed at 4:00 in the morning. I can not wait to finish the book and get more of such interesting information you give
Thanks for sharing your knowledge (but not for keeping me awake)
Darwin Angulo
Mexico City
May 2002

Forty years ago a book called Silent Spring became a best seller and kick started the green movement. Its author, Rachel Carson, examined the impact of agricultural chemicals on land, waterways and living creatures including ourselves. It also examined the corporate entities that profited by developing, producing and selling the chemicals. Just a quarter of the way into Dr Tom Lonsdale's Raw Meaty Bones: Promote Health the thought crossed my mind that here was a Silent Spring for companion dogs and cats. By the time I was halfway through I was in no doubt.
Judy McMahon
The Canine Journal
April 2002

Your book is a testament to your wisdom and your courage, and I am reading it from cover to cover. I have learnt much already which I did not know before and I am recalling some detail from your writing which is focusing my mind in areas where I need to be better informed. I am obtaining new insights and I am sure that there will be segments I will want to read again or to use as a reference when I have finished the book.

My role in the events so far was small; however I am proud to be mentioned in your book and to have been able to be even a minor player. There is of course much still to be done, some of which will flow on naturally from your example. I would like to think that there will be many who will take up the challenge in the future.

Congratulations on the publishing of an important book which, if I may say, has some bite in it. Every graduate and undergraduate veterinarian should read the book for it has the potential to challenge the things they believe to be true, and gives them the wonderful opportunity to step back from themselves and to look more dispassionately and more deeply at the science they practise and to realise how important it is to listen carefully to others who may have a pearl of wisdom to share.

Warmest regards

Dr Douglas Bryden AM
Veterinary Educator and Consultant
21 August 2001

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