RETIRE TO MEXICO - 20 Questions You Need To Answer PDF download by Robert James Shand

RETIRE TO MEXICO - 20 Questions You Need To Answer

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Publication date: April 2012
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I'm making some assumptions about you while I write this book. First, that you are somehow frustrated with your current living situation. Maybe it's time to leave the cold weather. Or perhaps you think that you can live more comfortably on your fixed income in Mexico. Or, maybe you're just tired of the routine you're in and want an adventure. Whatever your reasons, you need the most up-to-date information available from someone who has actually made the change.

I am writing this book to help you. It is intended to help you avoid some of the anxiety and frustration I encountered when my wife and I prepared for and eventually moved to Mexico.

Right of the bat, I want to tell you that much of the information in this book is based on my opinions and experiences and not necessarily what is stated in official pamphlets and rule books.

There are several very good books dedicated to living in MEXICO. This book is dedicated to taking your germ of an idea about living in Mexico, to listing what you need to do to prepare, and then getting you across the border.

I read all of the books available about relocating to Mexico and so should you.1 I went to the Philadelphia office of the Mexican Consulate and my experience was relatively seamless. You will have to go to the Mexican Consulate office nearest to you, so your experiences may be completely different.

And, lastly, we crossed at the McAllen, Texas border crossing. You may be crossing at a different place and encounter different rules, paperwork and financial requirements.

This book is divided into four PHASES with 5 question in each Phase. I have found it is much easier to sort through large amounts of information when it is compartmentalized. I have found that it is safer for me to take very small bites of information and chew to them very slowly and completely. That way I don't choke on big, overwhelming pieces and become frustrated and confused. I have made frequent references to my personal experiences because I believe they will be helpful in making up your mind about moving and also, during the moving process. I also reference some of the best reference books on the market. I bought these books, read them, sometimes several times, and I am living in Mexico, so they must have useful information.

SO, here we go!!!

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