Ride The Unicycle - A Crash Course! Second Edition PDF download by Gregg Vivolo

Ride The Unicycle - A Crash Course! Second Edition

Gregg Vivolo/Instant Publisher
Publication date: April 2012
Digital Book format: PDF (DRM-Free)


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This 30 page eBook is full color and available for immediate download. Like the print edition, it is written for children and adults alike. It includes over 40 photos to help you learn even quicker and easier and revised material from the first edition. In addition, this booklet includes the following chapters to help you not only learn to ride quickly and easily but help you progress to the next level of riding:

Unicycle History
Should I Learn To Ride a Unicycle?
What Is A Good Uni-Age?
Unicycle Safety
Unicycle Anatomy
Unicycle Styles
Unicycle Racing
Mountain Unicycling
Unicycle Touring
Street Unicycling
What Size Unicycle Is Right For Me? Seat Adjustment
Walk Before You Ride
The Art of Falling
Additional Needs Before You Learn
Let's Get Started!
Practice, Practice, Practice
Inch-Stones Before Milestones
"To Turn or Not To Turn"
The Pet Rock; Your New Best Friend
Lose The Curb
Fun Practice Exercises
Figure 8's
Curb It Or Wall It!
The Wall Method
Benefits of Unicycling
Unicycle Web Links
About The Author
Unicycling Support

Here's What Some Readers Have To Say!

Cindy from California writes:"Easy to understand, fun to read for all ages--don't learn to ride w/out it! We have 3 new riders in our club, one of which, a 10 year old boy, learned to ride in less than 2 hours having never tried it prior..."

Paul from the United Kingdom writes:"I CAN RIDE, I CAN RIDE, This bloke's my hero!"

Dan from Minnesota writes:"Well...after about four 45 minute sessions on Saturday, I learned to ride! I can now ride to the end of my block...I certainly didn't expect to catch on so quickly -- what a pleasant surprise! Thanks very much for the book, it really put me on the right track quickly!"

Fritz from Minnesota writes:"I received your booklet today and read it immediately. I just love it! It's well written and nicely illustrated with photos." Mark from Vermont writes: "Riding The Unicycle - A Crash Course was well written and informative -- I recommend it".

James from Memphis writes: "I am probably CRAZY, but I am 62 and I am looking into doing this for exercize."

Taylor from New Jersey writes:"This is an excellent and well written booklet. Reading the book made me aware of very helpful learning hints and tricks that I would never have thought of on my own. A few dollars well spent. Thanks!"

Unicycling Benefits:
Amaze friends and family.
Great form of fun and exercise.
Great father and son/daughter activity.
Increased self-confidence.
Become the center of attention.
Improved concentration, balance and motor coordination.

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