Scarred Streets:  Mafia Crime in the City PDF download by Will Snow

Scarred Streets: Mafia Crime in the City

Fred Howard
Publication date: April 2012
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This novel describes Mafia life and death in a big city, and how the Mafia’s tentacles entwine the whole structure of a city and ensnare totally the lives of Santo Dicarlo (a hitman) and Sara Contorno, the granddaughter of Vito Contorno, Detroit’s Mafia boss of bosses. The lives of mob guys are described in raw detail while the machinations of Italy’s Sicilian Mafia imposes its influence on Detroit, and a Mafia war ensues between two rival factions, with almost unbelievably gutty bloodletting—bombing, snipings, knifings, the use of CIA-developed laser weapons for blinding people, the use of CIA-developed Virnig (a virus) designed to afflict and kill millions of blacks who have sickle cell anemia, and also vicious new types of bombs.

The novel present a picture of what it means for a man to be a Mafioso. It contains vividly drawn and unforgettable minor characters, some lovable and some ugly as sin.

Throughout all this mayhem, the author presents the material in probably the most humorous ways ever written in a crime novel before. Some scenes will leave you laughing out loud. The novel is extremely tightly and amusingly written.

Santo Dicarlo loves Sara Contorno, but her grandfather, Vito Contorno, tells her to have nothing to do with mobsters. Vito tells Santo that if he keeps chasing Sara, some guys will cut off his balls, and he asks Santo which he would be more comfortable without, Sara or his balls.

Sara is the embodiment of Dorothy Parker, an early twentieth-century witty woman. Sara’s conversation and unconventional actions draw many mobsters to her table in nightclubs where she entertains them (and readers) with her ribald and clever thoughts.

And the author is even able to give us the most engrossing surprise ending you are likely to find in all of crime literature.

This novel is, without qualification, a MUST READ.
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