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This is book two in the series with forty more operations created for the covert digital guerilla warfare strategy operations in the Middle East. Volume two is packed with 794 pages of operations and online pictures and newspaper articles to help the reader better understand his covert digital operations, flavored with the authors' special brand of poetry. The e-book series are about a civilian "covert -spy", that decided to go it on his own after he is not accepted by the Canadian military due to a psychological medical condition.

The civilian is fed up with watching the "war on terrorism" played on television, seeing the soldiers and the innocent woman and children in the Middle East being crippled and killed, through mass bombing campaigns or suicide bombings.

The covert civilian spy believes he can save the civilians and soldiers from dying or being crippled, if he seamlessly enters the Middle East battlefields and creates a new war strategy. As he implants the psychology into the minds of the people he shadows involved on the battlefield, and in doings so; he plays a valuable role that will end the war on terrorism as we know it today.

The self-funded knock spy is a bit of a homegrown psychologist and scientist mixed into one, with an uncanny ability to craft battlefield psychology strategy operations.

After one year of planning the spy decided to risk his life and go to work ending the war on terrorism.

No matter where you go," Perry says, "you can always hear 'echoes of the war on terrorism,' even silent echoes." Against this background, Perry develops more covert digital psychology operations filled with new peace empowerment war strategy wielding empowerment mixed with logic. He releases the operations online into the battlefield as fast as terrorism and war is published in media online reported in the Middle East region of the world. As he attempted to deal with the ravages of war seamlessly, and the threat posed to the civilian way of life, the final war on terror is shaped in the age of psychology economic empowerment reasoning.

Through the implementation of these "covert psychology war strategy empowerment operations", war strategies are redefined on the battlefield. The reshaping of the war on terrorism objectives in the mind of leaders on both sides of the battlefield are his target.

By implementing his fresh strategy of peace empowerment war psychology logic, "peace plus prosperity equals power" posted on an "Aljazeera blog" in Palestine, Perry helps to create the shift of the war on terrorism in the Middle East.

He created the fresh war psychology strategy seamlessly so no physical contact with any terrorism organization or military general has ever occurred with himself or Aljazeera in Palestine.

However people in Hamas, Hezbollah, Al-Qaeda or the Taliban or ISI in Pakistan or the spy agencies in Canada and the USA and British and Israel governments may have been emailed, or read the information posted on the "Aljazeera blog" in the internet.

The objective of this e-book is to try and stop the war on terrorism by convincing the terrorism networks and generals on the battlefield to stop killing...without communicating directly with any terrorism network or general in the world.

The goal of the writer/strategist is to allow the reader to understand why the terrorism in the Middle East was created, and by whom, and how it has shifted to a new direction less violent.

The goal of my covert strategy operations are to work with the Canadian Government and Aljazeera in the Middle East, to try and bridge the gap of peace empowerment communications and slow the violence cycles killing so many civilians and soldiers.

I wanted to create an actual e-book paper trail on the strategy communications I created, that were emailed to the Office
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