"The Best Kept Secret of World War Two!" ePub (Adobe DRM) download by Jr. Willis S. Cole

"The Best Kept Secret of World War Two!"

Btry Cpl W S Cole Military Museum
Publication date: July 2014
ISBN: 9780966272840
Digital Book format: ePub (Adobe DRM)

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The Head Military Archivist at the National Archives created the title for the book, when he told the author, "You have discovered the best kept secret of World War Two and you are proving it by finding missing and altered documents in the Army, Air Force, and National document files." Researched for over twenty years, the author visited the homes of most of the living veterans involved and had long discussions with those whose health would not allow visits. There were numerous visits to the crash sites, local citizens interviewed and veteran reunions attended. Meeting many USAAF, Graves Registration and OSS Veterans. All of whom joined in the search for the truth. As the author and his wife met with all the surviving flyers, their families and the families of those who did not survive the crashes, all of them had questions that had to be answered. Almost, all have been answered and proven by re-researchable research. Meaning, anyone can follow the author's years of research, review all the information and come to the same conclusions. This is a true military history book, with situations that had to have happen being reconstructed, based on eyewitness testimony. Recording for the first time, the true history of what happened to the dual Congressional Medal Of Honor, B-17G, the "Lady Jeannette" and the Top-Secret B-24 involved. Included, is the mysterious full bird "Army Air Force Colonel" from General Eisenhower's Staff who was deeply involved, whose absolute identity is still to be proven. He was young, he could speak perfect French and German. He had better road maps of France, than the standard Allied maps and he knew people throughout the areas of France and England, involved in this true cover-up of the crash of a "Top Secret" B-24. With over 8,000 pounds of the most Top Secret electronic equipment available at that time to interfere with (Jam) Germans Radars and radio systems. When it crashed in Liberated France, after being shot down by "Friendly Fire," General Eisenhower declared the crash was to go away. Within days, the B-24 that had become small pieces, along with the remains of three crewmen, in a field in France, magically returned to England. Its "Official Record" states it was damaged, repaired and turned over to the RAF twenty days after it crashed in France. At the same time, nearly all official documents concerning the crash of a B-17, 14.5 hours earlier, moved the B-17 crash site 138 miles from where it crashed to the crash site location of "Top Secret" B-24. One month later, the Bombardier, 2nd Lt. Harms, of the "Lady Jeannette," was ordered to sign two applications for the Congressional Medal Of Honor exactly as written. Lt. Harms told his Squadron and Group Commanders, he could not do so, as the "Lady Jeannette" did not crash as written. Then, a young full bird Colonel stepped forward and told him, "Lt., you will sign the documents exactly as they are written, then you will salute, turn around and march out of this office. If, you do not, I will not be responsible for what happens to you." The day before, Lt. Harms had been taken by the Group Commander to the Group Accounting Office and told, "If everything goes right in the next two days, he would become a Group Accounting Officer. If, it did not go right, he could expect to be in France the next day, as a Front Line Combat Infantry Officer." When the author first met Lt. Harms, 52 years later. He stated, "I had a pregnant wife at home, I was not stupid then and I am not stupid now, I signed the dammed applications, saluted and marched out of there and the next day, I became a Group Financial Officer." He later provided absolute proof, the "Lady Jeannette" did not crash as stated in the Congressional Medal Of Honor Citations for 1st Lt. Donald J. Gott and 2nd Lt. William E. Metzger, Jr. Included in the book, is a proven motive for General Patton not returning to the USA,, he knew the truth and he was prepared expose it.
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