The Federalist Papers  - In Extra Large Print PDF download by Hamilton

The Federalist Papers - In Extra Large Print

By Hamilton and Jay and Madison

Virginia M. Woolf Foundation
Publication date: April 2012
Digital Book format: PDF (DRM-Free)


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A history as it was written. Eighty-five essays by framers of the U.S. Constitution. - Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, James Madison examine the provisions in detail in 1787. Certainly necessary to understand where we came from and many of the thoughts are applicable today. This is an Enhanced Letter Format (ELF) book. This means there are five versions which you will receive. There is a version in 28 and another in 48 point type. In addition, each type size has a version suitable for printing and one for viewing on a computer screen. These four versions are in PDF format and are accessed from a main menu. There are links from Table of Contents to text. In addition there is a version in ASCII for screen readers.

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