The Garden of Eden: What Really Happened? [E-Book] PDF (Adobe DRM) download by Marc Mourier

The Garden of Eden: What Really Happened? [E-Book]

Aicama Publishing
Publication date: November 2005
ISBN: 9780977022809
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THE QUESTION BEFORE US IS NOT WHO CREATED EARTH, BUT WHO CREATED ADAM! The Bible tells us that someone other than God visited the Garden of Eden at the time of Adam's creation. Who was it? And why has the established church obscured this fact for millennia? "The Garden of Eden: What Really Happened" not only addresses this issue but unlocks and exposes the mystery of man's creation. This intriguing book provides explosive and shocking new information about what the original Hebrew Bible texts truly reveal. The author explores what was at the origin of the Biblical drama in the Garden of Eden. The answer to what really happened is that someone very specific visited and revisited the Garden to shape Adam to become the proto-human from which Abraham would ultimately be chosen. The amazing name of the vehicle that was used by the special visitor is used over and over again is mentioned over and over again in the Bible. Despite the deliberate concealment and almost fraudulent distortion of the established church, the incredible golden promise of the Bible shows how our lack of understanding LIGHT stands in our way to achieve eternal life. Of course, a snake never spoke to Eve and, of course, she never ate an apple in that part of her life. The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil was a tool that had been used to create Eve - this book will illuminate you on the subject. The Tree of Life was a very specific and necessary complement to those means as well. This volume explores the reason why other human experiments prior to Adam were carried forth unsuccessfully. Science has taught us that the creation of humanoids didn't start with Adam. Is there a link between Neanderthals and the Adamic race? This pivotal question has now been answered. The answer might surprise you! Other Topics also covered: - Why has this information been covered up for so long? - Do angels really exist? - Was Adam's original body scientifically re-bioengineered? - What kind of 'tree' was the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil? - What about the Tree of Life? - Was Eve cloned? - Why is the Vatican now suddenly officially admitting that extraterrestrials exist? - Was Eve cloned? -...and much more... This volume will captivate you no matter which side of the issue you are on. The evidence is overwhelming and very logical. The book comes fully illustrated and with evidence that these ideas have secretly been known for centuries. Warning: Reading "The Garden" is likely to forever change your view of the entire Bible. Once you verify the facts, you are not likely to go back to your old thinking! Dare sending it as a gift to someone you really care about.
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